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Insta360 Titan met FarSight Remote

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Insta360 Titan met FarSight Remote

The Insta360 Titan Camera with FarSight Remote is the ultimate 360 degree camera for VR professionals who want to take high quality photo or video. The Insta360 Titan can shoot in 11K image quality. There are few comparable 360 degree cameras that can match this. The Insta360 Titan Camera has 8 fisheye lenses with with an angle of view of 200 degrees. This ensures that there is enough overlap in the recorded images to get the most realistic image possible after stitching without distortion in the stitch lines.

There are several sensors in the Insta360 Titan Camera. These sensors monitor, among other things, the color depth, image quality, dynamic range and low light performance, making the Insta360 Titan Camera ideally suited for photo and video in environments with less good lighting conditions. In addition, the Insta360 Titan Camera supports color capture in 10bit, creating a high dynamic range where natural light and low-light scenes are accurately captured.

The Insta360 Titan Camera offers the possibility to record videos in the following resolutions: (after stitching) 30fps 11K 2D, 30fps 10K 3D, 7680x7680 50fps, 7680×3840 60fps, 5248x2624 120fps, (10 bit video) 30fps 8K 3D, 30fps 8K 2D, (real time stitching) 30fps 4K 3D and 30fps 4K 2D. In addition, for photography you can choose (real-time and after stitching) 11K 2D or 11K 3D. Video coding is possible in H264 and H265 in-camera or Pro RES 422 HQ after stitching.

  • Ability to 360 degree video (VR live streaming)
  • Record up to 11K photo and video in 10bit color
  • 8 Fisheye lenses and 8 micro four thirds sensors
  • Overlap between images so that the foundation is not interrupted
  • Includes FarSight remote control
  • Good flowstate image stability
  • 9 SD slots for SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards
  • with built-in microphone for sound recording
Pros and cons
  • The Titan offers the highest possible quality in 360 degree cameras.
  • Built-in image stabilization ensures very beautiful and smooth images.
  • Most playback devices can now play through CrystalView 11K.
  • The Insta360 Titan is intended for professional use.
  • Note: SD cards are not included with the camera. The camera requires 9 SD cards (Extreme Pro V30 recommended).
What's in the box
  • 1 x Insta360 Titan Camera
  • 1 x FarSight Remote

Additional Information

Product Codes

EAN 6970357851171
Brand Insta360
Model Titan


Name Insta360 Titan met FarSight Remote
Weight (kg) 5.5000
Type of power connection No.
Product Videos
  • Relax in 8K 360° - Insta360 Titan HDR photo, Stabilization, Low light & Timelapse samples
  • Insta360 Titan 11K 3D 360° RAW Timelapse & Nightlapse - Extremely Low Noise
  • Insta360 Titan Unbiased Review - BEST Pro VR Camera of 2019?
Product reviews
5 van 5
1 reviews
  1. The best 360 degree camera you can buy right now

    For my project, the Insta360 Titan was (and still is) the best camera on the market. We chose this camera because the image resolution is sublime, and because the camera is very good for filming in dark environments. The software of Insta360 is very easy to use and if you have already worked another time with Insta360 then you can operate the Titan without any problems. The only drawback of the camera is that it is quite heavy and bulky (football size). But if you don't have to move the camera often and just have a sturdy tripod (we use the sumo stand from Insta360) then it's perfect!

    By Pieterposted on 19/09/2022

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