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Are you looking for a camera that can capture the entire environment at once? with a pocket-sized or professional 360-degree action camera from Insta 360, pasting images together is a thing of the past. Insta 360 produces 360-degree cameras for both Consumers and business users. For example, the One X2 Insta 360 camera is popular among Consumers and the Pro 2 and Titan cameras are intended for professionals who want to shoot 360-degree videos of very high quality.

Buy your Insta 360 degree action cam at Unbound XR! We have the largest range of XR glasses and accessories and are therefore the XR expert in Europe. On this page you will find all products of the Insta 360 brand. Please take a look!

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What is a 360 degree camera?

A 360 degree action camera, also known as a 360 degree action cam or omnidirectional camera, has a field of view of 360 degrees. This field of view is made possible by two lenses. For example, a 360-degree camera has one lens on the front and one lens on the back. Both lenses have a 180-degree field of view. Together, this of course makes a field of view of 360 degrees. In practice, this means that a 360-degree camera can film everything around it in one go, without having to stitch images together during post-processing. The Insta 360 action cameras also capture the entire environment in one go.

Pocket-sized Insta 360 One X2 for Consumers

The Insta 360 One XR is a pocket-sized action camera that can film 360 degrees. This affordable 360-degree action camera intended for Consumers fits easily in your with pocket so that you always have the camera with you. That way you don't miss a single moment! The Insta 360 One X2 features two lens modes: single and dual. In single lens mode, only the lens on the front of the camera is activated. You can also use the 360-degree camera as a 'normal' camera for taking photos, for example.

Select dual lens mode to capture immersive 360-degree videos in 5.7K resolution. The One X2 has automatic internal stitching of images so that you can upload your videos directly to social media without having to edit them manually first. The action camera is 33' waterproof, so you can use it in rainy weather and even under water. Audio is captured flawlessly and all around thanks to four built-in microphones with wind reduction. The Insta 360 One X2 is available from us at a competitive price.

Professional recordings with the Insta 360 Pro 2

You can make professional recordings of very high quality with the Insta 360 Pro 2 and Insta 360 Titan. Both action cameras are mainly aimed at the business, professional market. with the Pro 2, a high-end VR and 360-degree camera, shoot your videos in 8K quality. Does your VR Glasses, tablet or smartphone not support 8K? Then it is possible to convert the images to 4K without loss of image quality. The Insta 360 Pro 2 comes with FarSight Remote so you can also control the camera remotely. Although the Pro 2 has an HDR function, the camera is less suitable for filming in very dark spaces. The Insta 360 Titan is better suited for this.

Insta Titan: very realistic 360 degree videos in 11K image quality

The Insta 360 Titan goes one step further than the Pro 2. The Titan can shoot videos in no less than 11K image quality. This makes this action cam very unique. The same applies to the eight fisheye lenses with each with a field of view of 200 degrees. This ensures more than enough overlap in the different images, keeping distortion to a minimum. In short, with the Insta 360 Titan action camera allows you to make professional quality recordings that approach reality very accurately. The Titan action camera also comes with FarSight Remote so that it is possible to watch from a distance.

Accessories for your Insta 360 degree action camera

In addition to 360-degree action cameras themselves, you can also buy accessories for your camera from us. For example, we sell extra batteries, charging stations and a tripod (Sumo Stand) for the Pro, Pro 2 and Titan. Extra batteries are always handy to have with you as a spare. These batteries can of course also serve as replacements if the battery that comes with the camera no longer charges properly or is broken. with the battery charging station that we also sell in our webshop, you can charge two batteries at the same time. A battery charging station is available for the Pro / Pro 2 and the Titan.

Are you looking for a very sturdy tripod for your Insta 360 Pro, Pro 2 or Titan? with the Sumo Stand tripod allows you to make very stable recordings. The tripod has three different positions and can be used modularly. For example, you can also remove the carbon pole and use it as a selfie stick.

Questions about our Insta 360 range?

Do you have any questions about our Insta 360 range or do you need some advice? Our specialists are always ready to answer all your questions and provide you with Information and advice. Leave your contact details via our form and we will contact with you as soon as possible.

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