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Since 2017, we have built up extensive experience in the supply of VR hardware and advice to the business market. We are now able to count a large part of the European VR arcades, universities / colleges, government organizations and companies among our clients.

Not only our products, but also our product knowledge and additional Services distinguish us from other sales channels.

Below is a handy overview of all the additional Services that Unbound XR can offer your company. From advice on location to the rental of professional 360 degree cameras.

Our Services & services

  • Diederik2020

    Schedule a Consultation

    Installing Virtual Reality is a specialist task. Because there are many factors that can influence, for example, the tracking of VR glasses, we always advise you to research the technical functioning of VR well in advance. Because this can sometimes be very technical, we are happy to offer our business customers a non-binding consultation.

  • Diederik2021

    XR Digital Tech Specialist

    Need help starting a VR project? We are happy to help you and your company! Whether it's implementing Virtual Reality within your company or organization, starting a VR project within your school - or another challenging project: at Unbound XR we are happy to help you!

  • Diederik2021

    VR Arcade Consultant

    The VR world is changing very fast. New VR glasses and games follow each other in rapid succession. Want the best advice on how to start with a Virtual Reality Arcade? Our VR Arcade & Entertainment Consultant is happy to help you!

  • Diederik2020

    XR Demonstration on Location

    Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. There are many virtual and Augmented Reality glasses on the market. However, they (almost) all have a different application. with especially for companies and organizations it is therefore important to be able to try out as much as possible.

  • Diederik2020

    XR Installation and Delivery Service

    Do you want us to install the Virtual Reality equipment for you and make it ready for use? Then you can use our installation service. On this page you can read what you can expect from our installation service.

  • Diederik2020

    Trainings & Workshops on Virtual Reality (VR / AR / XR)

    Looking for a training and/or workshop on Virtual Reality technology? We are happy to help with this! Our XR Consultant has spatial experience with all kinds of Extended Reality and can provide a beautiful XR presentation and/or workshop for every target group.

  • Diederik2020

    Business Order at Unbound XR

    At Unbound XR Business you immediately enjoy the benefits of a business order. Create your account within 1 minute or contact with us for more Information.

  • Diederik2020

    VR Refresh: Always the latest VR equipment

    Developments in the field of Virtual Reality are moving at lightning speed. Both in hardware and software, new functionalities are constantly being developed that your organization wants to use. Chances are that you are hesitant to invest in new equipment, as it may be outdated in a year.

  • Diederik2020


    Unbound XR offers business customers the opportunity to rent various Virtual Reality packages. A Virtual Reality package is an attraction that is guaranteed to bring an audience to your company.

  • Diederik2021

    Service & Warranty

    Unbound XR offers standard support and extensive support for its customers. Standard warranty and support is included with every business purchase. An additional fee applies for the extended warranty and services.

  • Diederik2021

    Support & Services

    Unbound VR's service goes beyond just selling VR hardware. Due to the major changes in the field of Virtual Reality, we notice that there is a lot of demand for extra service towards our business customers. It is not only important that you have the right VR products, but it also has to fit well in the space. For example, did you know that the smallest reflection of a television screen can already influence the way of tracking?

  • Diederik2020

    XR Software Partners

    Are you looking for a party to develop a VR app? Or maybe you're looking for VR games to offer in your VR arcade or entertainment center. Fortunately, there is a suitable answer for every question. Globally, there are many VR developers who are with developing VR games and applications. But did you also know that a lot of Dutch VR companies are busy with making the latest VR content? Some of these companies have already developed something and offer it for a one-time purchase or license fee (such as a VR game or useful VR software), while other parties may be able to develop a complete VR application or game for you!

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