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Augmented Reality headsets

Augmented Reality headsets (12 Results)

AR glasses are increasingly being used today in various sectors in order to improve business processes. For example, Augmented Reality glasses enable faster order picking and remote collaboration in industries where simple with video calling alone was not possible before. A very popular Augmented Reality pair of glasses is the Microsoft Hololens 2. Buy the Microsoft Hololens 2 or other AR glasses at Unbound XR. On this page you will find our c

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omplete range of Augmented Reality headsets. Discover for yourself which AR glasses suit your company best! watch here all VR Glasses.

What are AR glasses or Augmented Reality glasses?

AR glasses, in full Augmented Reality glasses, are Headset that make it possible to project different elements in the real world. Take holograms, for example. In this way, the real world and virtual reality with become intertwined and a whole new world opens with of all sorts of interesting business opportunities. Unlike VR Glasses (Virtual Reality glasses), Augmented Reality glasses do not completely shut you off from the outside world. Think of it as normal, standard glasses that you can simply look through, but then equipped with a technical gadget that makes data visualization and projections possible. AR glasses are with particularly interesting for the business market to optimize business processes.

Optimize business processes with AR glasses

Data visualization is one of the many practical applications of AR glasses within companies. For example, such a Headset can provide detailed Information about the environment you are currently in. For example, pilots get all the necessary Information, about the weather conditions, altitude and speed, directly in their field of view. But the use of AR headsets can also lead to process optimization within warehouses. For example, visual navigation makes it possible to quickly find the right location and products can be scanned hands-free with the glasses' built-in camera.

In addition to visualizing data, Augmented Reality headsets can also be used for product visualisations, simulation training and remote assistance and collaboration. Augmented Reality glasses can be a real addition to different sectors.

Our range of AR glasses

The Microsoft Hololens 2 is one of the most popular and best-selling AR headsets on the market. Compared to with the Hololens 1, the second version is more comfortable and the greatly enlarged field of view provides an even better experience. In addition to the Microsoft Hololens 2, we naturally also sell AR glasses from other brands. We currently offer the following Augmented Reality headsets in our range: Rokid Air, Magic Leap 1 and ThirdEye Gen X2. These latter AR glasses are professional high-end augmented and Mixed Reality glasses packed with technological innovations and handy gadgets.

Buy your Augmented Reality glasses at Unbound XR

You can buy your AR headsets easily, quickly and at a competitive price online at Unbound XR. Not only our brand new AR headsets are competitively priced. With us you can also buy a second chance AR glasses at a greatly reduced price. These headsets returned by the customer have been checked by us and are still in good condition. In addition, you can expect your ordered Augmented Reality glasses to be delivered the next day, provided that these Headset can be delivered directly from stock.

Are you in doubt between two AR glasses? Or would you like to receive some more Information about specific AR glasses from our collection? Do not hesitate to contact with our customer service via our form. Our knowledgeable employees are happy to help you. They are happy to help you in your search for AR glasses that are suitable for your intended application!

Discover our extensive range of VR glasses

In addition to the great products you see on this page, we have many more exciting options to meet all your virtual reality needs. Our offer includes:

  • PC VR Glasses: Dive deep into the virtual world with our high-end PC VR goggles. Enjoy breathtaking graphics and immersive experiences that transport you to new worlds.
  • All-In-One VR Glasses: Experience the ultimate convenience with our All-In-One VR glasses. No hassle with cables or external devices - everything you need is in one convenient and portable unit.
  • Meta Quest 3: The best-selling VR Glasses of Meta, with, most games and razor-sharp images.
  • Smartphone VR Glasses: Transform your smartphone into a Portal to virtual reality with our smartphone VR glasses. Enjoy a wide variety of VR apps and games right from your mobile device.
  • Assisted Reality Glasses: Improve your daily activities with our Assisted Reality glasses. These smart glasses provide useful Information and support while you interact with the real world.
  • Second Chance XR Glasses: For durability and affordability with, choose our second chance XR glasses. These goggles have been carefully checked and offer a great VR experience at a fraction of the price.

Don't wait any longer and explore our diverse range of VR glasses. Whether you're a seasoned VR enthusiast or new to the world of virtual reality, we've got the perfect goggles for you!

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