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Trainings & Workshops on Virtual Reality (VR / AR / XR)

Looking for a training and/or workshop on Virtual Reality technology? We are happy to help with this! Our XR Consultant has extensive experience with all kinds of Extended Reality and can provide a beautiful XR presentation and/or workshop for every target group.

Personal support for the deployment of XR in your organization

Our XR Consultant's services include (but are not limited to):

  • Workshop on Virtual Reality
  • Training of Virtual Reality hardware and software
  • Demonstration of Virtual Reality products
  • Presentation on Virtual Reality
  • VR Consultancy conversations
  • Remote Collaboration demonstrations, training and explanations
  • Implementation of Virtual Reality hardware and software within the organization
  • Anything else in mind? Let us know!

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Why is a VR Training important?

Virtual Reality is still unknown territory for many. For many companies it still sounds like a nice niche, but they do not yet see the full usefulness (and potential) of Virtual Reality. But what if we say that there is indeed added value in using Virtual Reality within an organization? For example, there are a lot of use cases where Virtual Reality is not only used as an interesting gimmick, but where it is really used to improve employee productivity, for example. And this is exactly what our XR Consultant focuses on!

with a VR training or workshop from our XR Consultant, the full usefulness of Virtual Reality within the organization is made visible. Whether it concerns Virtual Reality for relaxation, or whether Virtual Reality is used for special use cases: with a Virtual [ [MD5_47]] workshop or training you will learn all the tricks of the trade!

We are happy to assist you in the entire process of implementing Virtual Reality within your organization. From an initial brainstorming session to discuss the possibilities of Virtual Reality to an extensive installation and training of hardware and software on site. For more Information about this entire process, please visit our page Extended Reality & Remote Collaboration Consultancy.

Possibilities of the VR Training and Workshop

A VR training or workshop is possible in various ways. For example, our XR Consultant can come to you/your company with necessary equipment to give a full demonstration and instruction of Virtual reality hardware, but it is also possible for you to visit us at our location. You can discuss the various options in consultation with with the XR Consultant. Below are some examples of what is possible in a VR training or workshop:

1. Training Virtual Reality on site: with a VR training on location, the XR Consultant provides a complete training tailored to the chosen VR hardware. If you already own a Virtual Reality Headset, such as the Oculus Quest 2 or HTC VIVE Pro 2, the Consultant can visit your location to provide detailed instructions on the products. Are you going to use the with products for several people? Then the training can also be provided in groups.

2. Workshop on Virtual Reality: with a workshop Virtual (or augmented) Reality our XR Consultant will visit you to give a fully arranged workshop about the different forms of Virtual , augmented and Mixed Reality. For example, you can opt for a workshop Virtual Reality if you want to create support within your organization to get started with Virtual and/or Augmented Reality.

3. Installation of Virtual Reality: Do you already have some knowledge of the Virtual reality hardware, but don't quite know how to install it? Even then it is possible to call in the help of our XR Consultant! Tip: the installation can be combined with with a VR training, so that you are provided with all Information on the same day to with the Virtual [[ MD5_95]] equipment to get going.

4. Implementation of Virtual Reality: rather get started right away with Virtual reality? Then opt for a complete implementation of the hardware within your organization! Our XR Consultant is happy to with think along with you about how Virtual Reality can be used within the organization and emphasizes long-term and sustainable use of the chosen hardware, so that you don't get tired of Virtual Reality after a few weeks. A full implementation often involves several appointments with the XR Consultant. For example, you first discuss the wishes of Virtual Reality with our consultant - and we are of course happy to participate in a brainstorming session - and then all practical and concrete plans are determined.

Rates for a VR training or workshop

A VR training or workshop is fully customized for you. For example, we always first put you in touch with with our specialist to discuss what you need and what we can provide. In consultation with with the specialist, we offer you a total price for the entire package. In addition, we are of course happy to make an offer for the required VR hardware. This way you immediately have a clear overview of all costs on a quote or invoice.

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Because working with extended Reality is a completely new working method for some companies, we are happy to offer some help in implementing this new technology within your company or organization. If you wish to use this, or wish to inquire about the possibilities, feel free to contact with us. Unbound XR Business offers a non-binding and free introductory session in the form of an online or physical meeting with with one of our consultants.

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