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Have you bought a VR Glasses and would you like to connect it to a laptop? Keep in mind that not all laptops are suitable for this. A VR Glasses demands quite a lot from your laptop and that is why it is advisable to buy a special laptop that is VR ready. A laptop that is VR ready has enough power to drive your Virtual Reality glasses without any problems. At Unbound XR you will find a very wide range of XR glasses and accessories, including V

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R ready laptops. A suitable laptop that is VR ready can be found on this page. Go to our general category page for this VR Computers.

Which laptops are suitable for VR?

Which laptops are suitable for your VR Glasses mainly depends on the type of VR Glasses you have purchased. One pair of glasses requires more power than the other. For most glasses, a laptop that is VR ready with has an Intel Core i5 processor in combination with with an RTX 3060 video card. For example, think of the Quest Link, HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift S. Do you have an HP Reverb G2? Then you need a more powerful laptop that is VR ready and an RTX 3070 video card and Intel Core i7 processor are recommended. You only need an Intel Core i9 processor and RTX 3080 video card for the most demanding glasses, such as the Pimax 8K

Why choose VR ready laptop?

with a laptop that is VR ready, you always have a good laptop with with sufficient power so that your VR Glasses is guaranteed to work and function optimally without stuttering and loss of quality. A good video card with with a high refresh rate is important to be able to display images smoothly and thus prevent nausea. with a laptop that is not powerful enough can turn your VR experience into a very unpleasant and even nauseating experience. Therefore, always choose a laptop that is VR ready.

Buy your VR laptop at Unbound XR

For buying a laptop that is VR ready, we can highly recommend the Lenovo Legion and HP OMEN laptop lines. On the product page you will find more Information about the compatibility with different headsets. Request a non-binding quote and let our specialists advise you. They will then determine what the most suitable laptop is in your situation, based on your expectations and the purposes for which you want to use your VR Glasses. For example, do you only want to use the glasses for gaming or are you also considering video editing or game development? At Unbound XR we can make you a great offer for a laptop that is VR ready.

Questions about a laptop that is VR ready?

Do you have any questions about a laptop that is VR ready? Enter your contact details via our form. We will contact with as soon as possible to answer your questions. We are also happy to assist you for help and advice!

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