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PC VR Headsets

PC VR Headsets (52 Results)

Are you looking for a breathtaking Virtual Reality experience with the very best image resolution? Then choose a PC VR Headset. Connect a VR Glasses for the PC to a Computer or laptop. PC VR Glasses therefore use the power of the graphics card that is in your Computer. This way you can play graphics-heavy games at a nice quality and a good refresh rate. Buy your VR Glasses for PC at Unbound XR. On this page you will find our complete offer. wi

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th brands like HP, HTC, Varjo, Pimax and many more. We are happy to give you the best advice and a service you can rely on! Looking for other types of VR glasses? watch here all VR Glasses.

The best VR experience with a VR Glasses PC

VR Glasses are available in different types. For example, in addition to a VR Glasses for your PC or laptop, you can also buy a smartphone VR Glasses. Of all the Virtual Reality glasses on the market today, a VR Glasses for the PC can be seen as the crème de la crème. Because you connect these types of glasses to a PC or laptop, a lot is possible in the field of graphics. Play the coolest games in the highest resolution or visit a concert virtually as if you were there live. with a VR Glasses for the PC it's all possible!

You can buy a good VR Headset PC from Unbound XR

For a good VR Glasses for your PC or laptop, you've come to the right place at Unbound XR. As you can see on this page, we have a very wide range of PC VR Glasses from different brands and in various price ranges. For example, we sell separate PC VR Glasses without Controllers and the like. But you can also contact us for the purchase of a complete VR Glasses PC kit, including all necessary accessories. Consider, for example, a set of Controllers and a base station. After unpacking your package, you can immediately dive into the world of the Virtual Reality. Would you like to order your VR Glasses for PC immediately ready for use? Then take a look at the HTC VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit. If desired, this kit is also available as a business edition. Other popular complete kits are the HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite and the HTC VIVE Pro Eye (Business Edition). Would you rather buy a separate VR Glasses PC without Controllers and base station? Even then you have a wide choice with us. From an entry-level model like the DPVR E4 to professional Mixed Reality glasses like the Varjo XR-3, there is a suitable VR Glasses for the PC for everyone.

Order PC VR Glasses?

Were you able to make a choice from our range of PC VR glasses? Then quickly place the VR Glasses for the PC you want to order in your shopping cart. Is the VR Glasses for the PC you want to order immediately available from stock? Then you can expect it at home the next day! In addition to super-fast delivery, you benefit from competitive prices with us. You can also count on expert service from our employees. If you have any questions, feel free to contact with us. Use us for this online contact form.

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