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VR, 360 and Depth Cameras

VR, 360 and Depth Cameras (31 Results)

The VR cameras are designed to create a virtual reality experience. They are designed to support a wide variety of applications, including 360-degree video, gaming, entertainment, education and more. These cameras usually feature advanced image sensors, image processing and software necessary to create a high-quality virtual reality experience. Most VR cameras also have built-in motion sensors that help provide detailed interaction between use

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r and camera. In addition, some models also support Augmented Reality (AR). look at all the VR Peripherals articles.

VR Cameras

VR cameras are specially designed to shoot 360 degree video. They usually use multiple lenses and special construction to create a panoramic image. These videos can then be projected into a virtual environment, giving a user a real sense of placement.

Depth cameras

Depth cameras use multiple lenses or a laser to measure depth in a scene. The result is a 3D image that the user can view or manipulate. These cameras are often used for augmented and Virtual reality applications.

360 Degree cameras

A 360 degree camera takes videos in a 360 degree field. This means that the camera takes pictures from all sides, allowing a user to get a full view of the surroundings. These cameras are often used in video recording, as well as for virtual reality applications.

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