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Assisted Reality Headsets

Assisted Reality Headsets (21 Results)

Are you looking for AR glasses with which it is possible to remotely with watch someone else and instruct and assist them? Glasses that, especially in the areas of production, logistics, maintenance and repairs, can lead to higher productivity, greater efficiency and better quality within your organization? Then look no further, because at Unbound XR we sell various Assisted Reality AR glasses from different brands. Very popular are the Google

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Glass 2, Vuzix Blade 2, Vuzix M400, RealWear Navigator 500 and Epson Moverio BT-40, among others. Would you like to buy AR glasses for Assisted Reality? Let our XR specialists advise you and order your Assisted Reality glasses via this page! watch here all VR Glasses.

What are Assisted Reality AR glasses?

Assisted Reality AR glasses are mainly used within companies and for other business applications. AR glasses for Assisted Reality are glasses with a built-in screen on which Information can be projected. Because this Information is projected into the user's field of view, Assisted Reality glasses make it possible to work completely hands-free. For example, the glasses can display Information about the articles that must be picked by the order picker and which route can best be chosen. Thanks to the built-in camera, it is also possible to consult, instruct and assist remotely.

The difference between assisted and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality and Assisted Reality are sometimes confused. AR glasses can actually also have two meanings: Augmented Reality or Assisted Reality. On this page you will find glasses that use Assisted Reality. The biggest difference between augmented and Assisted Reality lies in the fact that these latter AR glasses leave reality completely intact and therefore do not change. It doesn't change what the user sees. It just adds an extra layer to Information in the field of view. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, uses Computer generated digital content to provide an interactive experience within the real world.

Buy your AR glasses for Assisted Reality at Unbound XR

You can of course buy AR glasses for Assisted Reality at Unbound XR. We are the XR expert in Europe. In addition to Assisted Reality and Augmented Reality AR glasses, you will also find other types of VR Glasses within our large range of XR glasses and accessories. With us you are guaranteed to succeed! Moreover, with us you never have to wait long before you have Your order at home. Glasses that we have in stock can be delivered the next day. That's Unbound XR!

More Information or questions?

Do you have any questions about Assisted Reality AR glasses or could you use some help from a specialist? Then don't hesitate to contact with us. Leave your contact details via our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions and provide you with expert advice.

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