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VR Arcade & Entertainment Specialist

The world of Virtual Reality is changing very fast. It is also not surprising that Virtual Reality is compared with the new laser gaming and paintball. Companies that want to start with a Virtual Reality arcade or arcade are shooting up like mushrooms. But how do you do this in a good way? Our VR Arcade Specialist is happy to help you with this!

Excited to add Virtual Reality to your organization - or are you going to start with a brand new Virtual Reality company? To get started well prepared, it is recommended to make an appointment with with our VR Arcade Specialist. In a non-binding consultation we map out all your wishes, we are happy to think along about the VR hardware to be used and we offer useful tips for setting up your Virtual Reality space. After the consultation we can give a demonstration of (specifically arcade related) Virtual Reality hardware and software.

What can you expect from our VR Arcade Specialist?
  • Exploring the possibilities of Virtual Reality within your (entertainment) location;
  • Help with installation and choosing the right VR hardware, such as VR headset and computer(s);
  • Advice on the range of VR games to be used, including commercial licenses and content management;
  • Thinking along with marketing plans and other PR activities;
  • Advice on furnishing the location (both aesthetically and practically);
  • Employee/operator training.
  • Would you like to meet without any obligation? Press the button below and enter your contact details. We will contact you as soon as possible with to discuss the possibilities.

    About our VR Arcade Specialists

    Diederik Hermsen (Unbound XR): Diederik Hermsen works as a product specialist and commercial advisor at Unbound XR. In the years he has worked at Unbound XR, Diederik has gained a lot of experience with starting VR entrepreneurs. For example, many starting entrepreneurs have already come by who first met with Virtual Reality under the guidance of Diederik. In addition to a solid knowledge of Virtual Reality hardware, Diederik likes to think along with with the commercial revenue model of the VR Arcade. An Arcade or arcade is not just about the hardware, but must be a total picture where visitors really have the feeling of a day out.

    Diederik can help with: the first introduction to Virtual Reality, questions about running an VR Arcade, choosing the right games, thinking about the right Virtual [[ MD5_50]] hardware and accessories.

    Wouter van den Bijgaart (Reality on Demand Studios): Wouter van den Bijgaart is known as a top entrepreneur within the Dutch VR landscape. Wouter started a few years ago with the very first VR Arcade of the Netherlands: The VR Room. After several successful years running his VR Arcade (with multiple locations in the Netherlands), Wouter started with his own VR development studio: Reality on Demand Studios. This development studio is dedicated to creating multiplayer VR games for VR Arcades and arcades. In addition, Wouter is a welcome guest at trade fairs and events about Virtual Reality and the entertainment industry.

    Wouter can help with: how do you market a new VR Arcade, how do you ensure the best visitor experience, which marketing strategies are successful, extensive demonstration at your location.

    Natalie Taylor (Extra-Axis): Natalie Taylor is a true VR entrepreneur. She has gained a lot of experience with helping to start one of the Netherlands' most successful VR Arcades: A'DAM VR Game Park. Unique to this Virtual Reality arcade is that they not only use the standard VR games and VR headsets, but have brought truly unique experiences from abroad to the Netherlands. For example, A'DAM VR Game Park features a unique Beat Saber station, they have developed their own VR rollercoaster with their own software and have set up a complete corner where you feel as if you are walking on the side of a building. Natalie is not just any VR Arcade Specialist; but focuses specifically on the high-end part of Virtual Reality (eg developing an attraction and accompanying software).

    Natalie can help with: developing a VR attraction, setting up a complete Virtual Reality park, VR game development.

    VR Games and VR Software platforms

    Choosing the right Virtual Reality hardware is one thing, choosing the right games and software is quite another. It is important for your VR Arcade to use handy software that allows you to easily let customers play. Some examples of these software systems are: Springboard VR, Synthesis VR, ARVI VR Labs and Ubisoft VR Escape Rooms. But you can also choose, for example, to set up your VR Arcade for one specific game. This way you really use a theme within your organization. You can achieve this for example with the software of our own VR Arcade Specialist Wouter van de Bijgaart. with his development studio Reality on Demand Studios recently released the game Cops vs. Robbers launched. This game is completely set up for a multiplayer Virtual Reality Arcade environment.

    Got excited? Contact with us!

    Hopefully, as a result of the above, you have become (even) enthusiastic about starting with your VR adventure. To make an appointment, please contact with our customer service. It can help to give a brief explanation of your wishes. This way we can put you in touch directly with with the right VR Arcade Specialist.

    Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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