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Extended Reality Digital Tech Specialist

Help with Installatie and implementation of Virtual, Augmented and Assisted Reality

Our Extended Reality experts help companies implement XR technologies to take advantage of the new possibilities and to meet the needs of your clients and any government regulations. Our experts guide your company towards the ever-expanding possibilities of these technologies, using the latest knowledge and experience to make the most of new opportunities within your organization.

Extended Reality (XR) is the umbrella term for all forms of Virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) and Smart Glasses . While Virtual Reality was the most commonly used form of Reality a few years ago, Augmented Reality and certain forms of remote collaboration are now gaining considerable ground. with especially for the business market, a number of solutions can be found here that are very practically applicable within a very wide range of different business forms.

Because working with extended Reality is a completely new working method for some companies, we are happy to offer some help in implementing this new technology within your company or organization. If you wish to use this, or wish to inquire about the possibilities, please feel free to Contact with us. Unbound XR offers a non-binding and free introductory session in the form of an online or physical meeting with with one of our consultants.

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In which areas can we be of service?

  • To inform about Virtual and/or extended Reality applications: we will with make an appointment for you to explore the possibilities of Virtual Reality (or other forms of extended [[MD5_30 ]], as remote collaboration) to discuss.
  • Implement of Virtual and/or extended Reality within your organization: we offer you concrete tools with which you can continue to use Virtual Reality within your organization.
  • to install of Virtual and/or extended reality hardware and software (in consultation): our team of experts will visit you to professionally install the purchased Virtual reality hardware.

What does an appointment with with our XR consultant look like?

Onze Extended Reality & Remote Collaboration Consultant heeft jarenlange ervaring op het gebied van virtual- en extended Reality. Whether it concerns applications for security services, healthcare, educational projects or the complete implementation of a remote assist workplace; our XR consultant can help and advise you in all kinds of areas with concrete advice.

To make an appointment with our XR consultant you can Contact with record us. We will ask you to describe the expectations of VR/XR within your company or organization. Our consultant will then schedule an appointment with to map out your wishes and needs even more clearly, so that we can then provide appropriate advice with regarding the hardware and software to be used. Tip: Also read the blog waarin Simon Frijters onze XR-consultant zich voorsteld 

Testimonials & Use Cases

"De expertise van Simon was een welgekomen in onze zoektocht naar ‘remote support oplossingen’ voor onze klanten. Simon denkt constructief mee, gaf het juiste advies en kwam zelfs tot bij ons (in België) voor een demonstratie."

Belgium - Willem Vreys – SIATEC.be

For an organization in the aid sector, we developed a simulation that would train several thousand people. As a result, the total training time with has been reduced by 57%, and the average knowledge level with has increased by 37% by using Virtual Reality technology.

The Netherlands - Government - Used Headset: HTC VIVE Pro

Augmented Reality can be used for both training and operational purposes, and more. For example, we have developed a Augmented Reality concept for a company in the manufacturing industry. This has led to a reduction in production time with of 26% and the margin of error has been reduced to virtually 0.

Nederland - Productiebedrijf - Used Headset: Microsoft HoloLens 2

We have developed a concept with remote-collaboration technology for a large manufacturing company with, multiple locations around the world, and customers worldwide. Dit heeft als resultaat gebracht dat problemen tot wel 95% eerder zijn opgelost, en kostenposten in relatie tot reizen with honderdduizenden euro’s per jaar zijn gedaald.

Europe - Corporate - Used Headset: Vuzix M4000

Simon FrijtersXR & Remote Collaboration

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