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Installing or implementing extended Reality (VR, AR and MR) is quite a specialized task. Because there are many factors that can influence, for example, the tracking of VR glasses, we always advise you to research the technical functioning of VR well in advance. Because this can sometimes be very technical, we are happy to offer our business customers a non-binding consultation.

The benefits of a consultation

During the consultation you will meet with with one of our XR specialists and discuss what you want to do with Virtual Reality. These can be business applications - such as VR within your company, as well as VR within the entertainment industry. In our consultation we map out which VR products you need, how you can best place them, what the overall costs will be - and of course we are happy to answer all your (technical) questions.

✔ Wij bieden u een persoonlijk advies op maat gemaakt;
✔ Onze aandacht gaat naar uw wensen toe. We like to think along with you in possibilities;
✔ U gaat de deur uit with een concreet actievoorstel, zoals een offerte of lijst with benodigde producten;
✔ Aansluitend bieden wij u graag een demonstratie van onze VR-producten, zoals (o.a.) een treadmill of haptisch vest.

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We also offer the possibility to visit you on location. Please note, this may involve costs for travel time and hourly rate. For more Information, please contact with our customer service.

Trainings and workshops on Extended Reality

In addition to a consultation, we also offer the option of a training, workshop or course on Virtual Reality or a specific VR/AR headset. This can be done at our office in Nijmegen, but it is also no problem to visit your organization in person. A training can be provided for a small group of people involved, but can also be passed on to the entire organization without any problems.

Would you like to know more about a XR training or workshop? Look at this page for more Information.

Make an appointment with our specialized advisors

For certain markets we have different advisors who have experience in that specific area. For example, we offer (on location) consultancy for the business market (for example companies, hospitals or colleges), but also for the entertainment market (think of a starting VR Arcade park).

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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