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Pico 4 256GB

Do you want to enjoy great VR wherever you are and without having to connect your VR Glasses to a laptop or PC with cables first? Then experience the virtual world with the new Pico 4 headset! This is a Standalone All-In-One VR Glasses. This means that you do not need to connect the Headset not with cables to a PC or laptop. You can simply put on the glasses and get started right away! This way you can easily take the glasses to friends and family to play together. Download your favorite games from the Pico Store. The Pico 4 VR Glasses has a bright screen with with a resolution of 4,320 by 2,160 pixels. The image of this All-In-One Headset is therefore no less than 35 percent sharper than a with 4K resolution screen. All VR games and videos are displayed beautifully and sharply. Add to that a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which means that games and videos are played extremely smoothly. Thanks to the specially designed thinner lenses (Pancake lenses), the Pico 4 has a smaller form factor and is lightweight (only 300 grams).

At Unbound XR you can easily and quickly order the Pico 4 Headset. Competitively priced and delivered quickly, so you don't have to wait long before you can admire the virtual world up close. Order the Headset separately or view our attractively priced combination deals. That's Unbound XR, the XR expert in Europe!

Pico 4 with 128GB or 256GB internal Memory

The Pico 4 VR Headset is available in two versions and can be purchased from us. The glasses are available in a 128GB variant and a variant with 256GB of internal Memory. You can order the 128GB version from us via this page. You can already store quite a few VR games and videos on this. Do you want to be sure that you always have enough storage space for all your favorite games and more? Then you can also order a Pico 4 256GB. This Headset has double the internal Memory. This way you will never run out of storage space!

Pico 4 games in the Pico Store

Download the best games for the Pico 4 via the updated online Pico Store. Here you will find several exclusive Pico games. For example, show off your awesome dance moves in Just Dance VR or fight together in one of the many shooting games. Would you rather take it a bit easier? Then play a round of golf in the Golf VR game or care for and pamper a virtual pet in Pets VR. The Pico Store offers games for everyone from rookie to expert.

Pros and cons
  • The Pico 4 doesn't need a PC to play with, so you can use these glasses anywhere.
  • with a resolution of 4,320 x 2,160, the image is 35% sharper than a 4K resolution.
  • The Pico 4 is very light, so you can comfortably wear the glasses for longer periods.
  • Pico 4 is available in a 128GB variant and 256GB variant.
  • The offer in the Pico Store is still limited, so you can't download many apps and games yet.
  • The Pico 4 does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack
What's in the box
  • 1 x Pico 4 256GB Headset
  • 2 x Pico 4 Controllers
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • 1 x Pico 4 Face Pad
  • 1 x Pico 4 nose cap
  • 1 x Pico 4 goggle spacer
  • 1 x USB-C charging cable
  • 1 x Power cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
Buy Pico 4 at Unbound XR

Would you like to enjoy plug-and-play cool VR games, videos and much more? Then the Pico 4 VR Glasses is a nice all-round Standalone VR Glasses that will give you many hours of fun. Put on the glasses and enter a beautiful virtual world where anything is possible. You can of course buy a Pico 4 at Unbound XR. Choose from 128GB or 256GB.

Of course we also sell other types and brands VR headsets. But you have also come to the right place for accessories and accessories for your VR Headset. In short, we have everything you need to dive into the virtual world. View our offer and place an order! If you have any questions or would like to receive more Information, please do not hesitate to contact with us. You do this via our form. What can we help you with?

Additional Information

Product Codes

EAN 6970214571563
Brand Pico
Model 4 256GB


Device type Standalone VR
Headstrap Type Retractable strap
Material Plastic
Weight (with headstrap) 586 Grams
Haptic Feedback No.


Screen Type 2 x LCD
Peak brightness No.
Field of View (FOV) 105 degrees
Refresh rate 90 Hz
Field of view Horizontal 104 degrees
Resolution 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye
Field of view Vertical 103 degrees
Foveated Rendering No.
Field of view Diagonal No.


Lens Type Pancake Lenses
IPD range (Eye distance) 62 - 72 mm (ipd to 58mm possible but may pinch user's nose)
Adjustable Diopter No.
Passthrough Yes (full color)


tracking methode 6 DoF Inside-Out
Base stations needed No.
Eye tracking No.
Facetracking No.
Hand tracking Yes
Body tracking No.


Controllers 2 x Pico 4 controllers (6dof)
Haptic Feedback Yes
Type of Battery AA
Built-in Battery No.


Built-in speaker Yes
Microphone Yes
3.5mm Audio Connection No.


Connections USB-C
WiFi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
WiFi Type Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth Version 5.1


Operating system Android
CPU Octa-core Kryo 585
chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
GPU Adreno 650


Internal Storage 256GB
MicroSD Connection No.


Battery capacity 5300 mAh
Battery life 3 hours
Charging time (0-100%) No.


Name Pico 4 256GB
Weight (kg) 0.5860
Product Videos
  • Pico 4 - Official Trailer
  • Pico 4 Review - A Great Quest 2 Alternative!
Product reviews
4 van 5
1 reviews
  1. Quest alternative

    Bought the Pico because of IPD 7.2 have a big head (big brains or just a lot of air). Finally a Headset that I can watch comfortably. Because of the light weight and no hassle with cables, it's great to go VR. It's just a pity that Movies in the streaming apps such as Youtube (your Primium library) and Prime are not displayed (Pico has no rights to do that, perhaps?) normal youtube content can be seen. This can be solved by connecting your Pico to a USB or with Virtual desktop on your PC.

    By Michaelposted on 01/05/2023

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