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Desinfecterende Spray voor VR Headsets

The Disinfectant Spray for VR Headset is an essential product for anyone using a VR headset. It is designed to kill bacteria and germs that can accumulate on the Headset after use.

The spray is easy to use and comes in a handy bottle that can easily be carried in a bag. It contains a powerful, yet safe formula specially designed not to damage the delicate materials of a VR headset.

The Disinfectant Spray for VR Headset is suitable for all types of VR headsets, including those from Oculus, HTC, Samsung and other brands. It is ideal for both personal and professional use, such as in game arcades or VR experiences where several people use the same Headset.

with this spray allows users to feel comfortable sharing their VR headset without worrying about the spread of germs and bacteria. It is a must-have accessory for any VR enthusiast who wants to have a hygienic and healthy VR experience.

Note: do not use the Disinfectant Spray to clean the lenses. Use the VR Lens Cleaner Spray.


Shake well before use. Hold the spray about 6 to 8 inches from the lenses. Two sprays are enough to give the VR glasses a fresh look. Note: do not spray too much spray in 1 place. Test the spray beforehand on a small part of the Headset and avoid the lenses by covering them, for example.

Pros and cons
  • The spray has an immediate disinfecting effect.
  • Being a "dry" spray, it leaves no residue or stickiness.
  • Pleasant smell that gives the feeling that the Headset is really clean.
  • The spray has been extensively tested on with VR hardware, such as the VR glasses and the Controllers.
  • The spray should only be used in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not spray the disinfectant spray directly on the lenses.
  • The spray can does not specifically state that it is suitable for VR glasses. However, the spray has been extensively tested and we can guarantee that it is effective and not harmful to VR equipment.
What's in the box
  • 1 x Disinfectant spray (480 ml)

Additional Information

SKU K259
EAN 5060102708674
Brand Unbound
Model No.
Name Disinfectant Spray for VR headsets
Weight (kg) 0.1000
Suitable for type Headset DPVR, google glass, Hololens 2, HP Reverb G2, HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Cosmos, HTC VIVE Focus 3, HTC VIVE Pro (Eye), HTC VIVE Pro 2, iris stick, Magic Leap, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, OculusGo, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift S, pico 4, Pico G2 4K, Pico Neo 3 Pro (Eye), Pimax, RealWear, Sony PlayStation VR / PSVR2, Valve Index, varjo, vuzix, N/A, Others
Material n.v.t.
Product Videos
  • Disinfectant spray for VR glasses
Product reviews
5 van 5
2 reviews
  1. Smells good

    It is a larger aerosol than I expected so you can really go ahead with it. The smell is very nice, so it immediately feels a lot better when you put on the Headset. It really gives you a fresh feeling. It is a pity that it does not work directly on your lenses to clean them, that is a small disadvantage.

    By Tobyposted on 08/05/2020
  2. Spray for a clean Headset

    Nice spray that is easy to use. Do not spray too close to the Headset, because then it will leave some traces (which dry up quite quickly). But if you spray from a distance you won't see it, while it still gives a nice feeling that you know that the Headset is completely clean!

    By Marianneposted on 14/11/2019

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