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Feel the Virtual Reality with SenseGlove Nova

Wearing Virtual reality glasses is one thing. Feeling Virtual Reality is quite another! The Dutch company SenseGlove makes it possible with to physically feel what you touch in the virtual world using a haptic glove. In this blog we explain how this works and why it is useful to use a haptic glove.

Tip: using a VR Wearable such as the SenseGlove Nova requires the necessary knowledge. So let us advise you Digital Tech Specialist.

SenseGlove originated in 2017 from the idea or a graduation project. The founders or SenseGlove - Gijs den Butter and Johannes Luijten - had the idea to use a haptic glove to help with rehabilitation after a stroke. SenseGlove has now grown into a complete company with, a real development team, and they have found the most beautiful applications for the SenseGlove.

The new SenseGlove Nova

The latest article they have developed, the SenseGlove Nova, is a haptic glove that looks very futuristic. When you pull the glove over your hands you immediately feel a kind or Iron Man. The gloves have a beautiful silver-colored appearance, which immediately gives it a luxurious look and feel. While the original SenseGlove (development kit) occasionally felt a bit rickety and bulky, the SenseGlove Nova is a real improvement and we also see this product attracting the masses.

On the top or the SenseGlove Nova glove there is a built-in mount on which you can attach a tracker or a Quest 2 controller. When purchasing the SenseGlove Nova, it is important to indicate with which platform you want to use the glove, so that you receive the item with with the correct mount. SenseGlove offers the following options for this: HTC VIVE tracker, Oculus Quest 2 Controller or Pico Neo 3 Controller.

The gloves are just as easy to put on as normal gloves. While with the first version or the SenseGlove it was quite a hassle to get the glove over your fingers correctly, with the SenseGlove Nova it is no problem at all to put the glove on correctly. Furthermore, the glove is made or flexible and lightweight material, and you can keep moving your fingers. It is therefore no obstacle in the virtual world during use.

The SenseGlove Nova works completely wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection with, Headset or Computer. This has a huge advantage, because you do not always have to be aware or where the cables are around the gloves. Combine the SenseGlove Nova with one Quest 2 or Pico Neo 3 Headset and you can move around completely freely.

Haptic feedback

Perhaps the most important part or the SenseGlove Nova is the haptic feedback that the product provides. The SenseGlove Nova has built-in motors that ensure that your fingers are "stopped" in the virtual world when you pick something up, for example. This stopping is done by small wires that run from the glove to the tips or your finger. The force feedback works very well in the SenseGlove. However, there is still a noticeable lag (delay) in the entire pick-up process.

There is also less power in the SenseGlove Nova. Compared to with the original development kit, there is a bit less power in gripping with the Nova. This has to do with the fact that there is a built-in battery in the SenseGlove Nova glove, and that the glove can be used completely wirelessly. In the original development kit, the glove with had a cable connected, so that more force feedback could be given to the glove. Although with this is not a problem, but especially when you compare the original development kit and the newer Nova with the difference is noticeable.

In addition to haptic feedback, the SenseGlove Nova also has finger tracking. The SenseGlove Nova glove uses the built-in tracking cameras or the Headset to do this. This is (currently) only possible with the Quest 2 and Pico Neo 3 headsets. If you don't use the built-in finger tracking (for example, when the exact tracking or your hand is important) you can place the Controller - or an HTC tracker - on the top or the place glove.


The SenseGlove Nova is a huge improvement over the original development kit. with especially the fact that the glove has been given a better design does a lot for the mass adoption or this product. The fact that the SenseGlove Nova can be used completely wirelessly also makes it much more attractive for companies and organizations to experiment with with a haptic feedback glove.

Presumably the SenseGlove Nova is not yet ready to be used mainstream with in every VR headset, but for companies and organizations using Virtual reality training or simulations it can be a very nice addition to the VR experience. We expect to hear a lot more from SenseGlove in the near future and are looking forward to a new variant or the haptic gloves!

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Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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