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Top 6 Virtual Reality (VR) Gloves

Virtual Reality (VR) has now been developed to such an extent that it is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. But what is still missing to make it completely lifelike is the sensation of touch. Fortunately, there are now a lot of developers on the market who are working on this. In this blog we list the most popular VR gloves.

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1. SenseGlove Nova

The SenseGlove Nova is perhaps the best-known and most popular haptic glove at the moment. The originally Dutch company develops sturdy gloves designed for use with VR training. The SenseGlove Nova makes it possible to really feel virtual objects. The sturdy force-feedback system delivers 20 Newtons of resistance within 10 ms. This means that the force feedback provides a realistic representation of how virtual objects feel in the real world. SenseGlove's advanced technology makes clicking and pressing buttons feel very realistic. This is with especially useful when using the gloves with a VR training that uses a dashboard or other tools that require the user to press buttons. with Using different mounts, the SenseGlove Nova is compatible with a wide range of Virtual reality glasses, such as the HTC VIVE Pro 2, Meta [[ MD5_28]] and Pico Neo 3 Pro. The SenseGlove Nova is already widely used for training at large companies, such as Volkswagen.

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SenseGlove Nova

2. Manus Prime X Haptic VR

The Manus Prime is a somewhat lighter haptic glove than the SenseGlove Nova. This glove has been specially developed for Virtual reality training. with The Manus Prima gloves allow the user to grip and hold digital objects, feel different textures and realistically push buttons and pull levers. The haptic glove ensures that the user becomes even more immersed in the virtual world. There is a haptic module on each finger of the glove that ensures that each finger can be controlled individually. The Manus Prime gloves are compatible with with most industry standard software platforms, such as Unreal Engine and Unity. This makes it possible for developers to make an application or VR training themselves in a relatively simple way and to use the Manus Prime glove. Watch a video in which the Manus Prime gloves are used at a Skoda demo.

More Information about Manus Prime X

Manus Prime

3. HaptX Gloves

At first glance, the HaptX Gloves look like a complete robotic arm. The glove is an exoskeleton that goes over the hand and wrist of the user. Because the construction of this glove is larger than comparable VR gloves, we can also incorporate more haptic motors. HaptX therefore sacrifices compactness and ease of use, but gives a more realistic haptic experience in return. The HaptX glove is still lightweight and delivers no less than 175 Newtons of pressure per hand. This is almost double that of comparable VR gloves with haptic feedback. In addition, a motion-capture system is built into the HaptX gloves. These follow the gloves with 30 degrees per hand, to 1 millimeter accurately and without noticeable delays. Perhaps the most famous demo of the HaptX gloves was when Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) donned the gloves to robot arm to move.

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4. TeslaSuit Glove

The Teslagloves are an addition to the TeslaSuit. This suit is a haptic suit which can be used for motion capture. Unique to the TeslaSuit is that this suit can also collect biometric data. This makes the TeslaSuit with particularly suitable when used for research and other applications where data analysis is important. The Teslagloves are an addition to this suit. The gloves have a lightweight design and form an exoskeleton around the hands of the user. When the user picks up something in the virtual environment, the glove emits a light resistance that makes it seem as if the virtual object is also physically grabbed by the user. The Teslagloves can be used in combination with with and TeslaSuit and can be linked to an HTC VIVE tracker.

More Information about TeslaSuit Glove

Teslasuit Glove

5. bhaptics TactGlove

The TactGlove from bhaptics is not yet out at the time of writing (expected end of 2022), but promises to be a good haptic VR glove. The TactGlove is unique in that it is not so much intended for the business market and realistic VR training courses, but can also be used by Consumers. Where there are many haptic and VR gloves development kits (i.e.: there are few to no standard applications available for it), is it with the products of bhaptics possible to use these out-of-the-box with different games. The TactGlove looks like a normal black glove. But there is a haptic point built into the fingertips that can vibrate to simulate the haptic feedback. The TactGlove can be combined with with the other products from bhaptics, making it possible to bring the entire body of the user to the virtual world.

More Information about bhaptics TactGlove

bHaptics Glove


The WEAR can not be called a glove, but places various sensors on the fingertips. The WEAR motor can be placed on the wrists of the user via a magnetic connector. A tracker or Controller can then be placed on this with which the gloves can be accurately tracked. Unique to the WEAR gloves is the fact that, in addition to the user being able to pick up something in the virtual world, the gloves also provide a with temperature feedback. The fingertips may feel cold or warm, depending on what the user is touching in the virtual world. For example, do you touch a metal plate? Then the fingertips feel cold and the user really gets the feeling as if he or she is touching metal. But is the user in a VR workout and hot steam is blowing out somewhere? Then you have to be careful because the user feels the fingertips really get warm (fortunately, the built-in temperature sensors can never get so hot that the fingertips burn).

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