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(EOL) Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

The PlayStation 5 is the latest console from Sony and offers unprecedented performance and features. with an ultra-fast SSD allows installed PS5 games to load in the blink of an eye, and integrated I/O gives game developers the ability to develop creative ideas that weren't previously possible. In addition, the console supports haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D audio, allowing players to dive deeper into the game and fully immerse themselves in the action.

The PS5 offers stunning graphics with ray tracing, which creates realistic lighting effects, and HDR technology, which enables a bright and vibrant color spectrum. Players can play their favorite PS5 games on a 4K TV and enjoy smooth gameplay with at a high frame rate of up to 120 fps for compatible games.

The console also offers the ability to play older PS4 games, with Game Boost for faster frame rates and the option to upgrade physical and digital PS4 games to digital PS5 games. And if players own a PlayStation VR / PSVR2, they can also use with the PS5 console, although they do have a PlayStation Camera and a PlayStation Camera Adapter.

Pros and cons
  • Ultra-fast SSD: The PS5 features a fast SSD that ensures lightning-fast game load times, allowing players to spend more time playing and less time waiting.
  • Stunning graphics: Thanks to features such as ray tracing and HDR technology, the PS5 offers incredible graphics and visual effects that provide an immersive gaming experience.
  • Compatibility with older games: The PS5 supports playing PS4 games, allowing players to keep their existing game library and extend the life of their purchases.
  • Ability to upgrade games: Players can upgrade physical and digital PS4 games to digital PS5 games, allowing them to take advantage of the console's improved performance.
  • Large size: The PS5 is larger than many other consoles on the market, meaning it takes up more space in an entertainment center.
  • To play VR you need to purchase the PlayStation VR or VR2 Headset separately.
What's in the box
  • 1 x PlayStation 5 console Digital Edition - 825 GB
  • 1 x DualSense Wireless Controller
  • 1 x DualSense USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Stand
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • 1 x AC power cord

Additional Information

Product Codes

SKU 207325
EAN 711719424994
Brand PlayStation
Model PS5


Name (EOL) Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
Weight (kg) 0.5600
Suitable for type Headset Sony PlayStation VR / PSVR2
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