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What should you pay attention to when buying VR glasses?

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular. Where virtual reality a few years ago was only for the real nerds, nowadays people are no longer surprised if you have a VR headset at home. But what is the best virtual reality headset to buy? And what should you pay attention to when purchasing a VR headset? In this blog we explain step by step what the most important points of a VR headset are and what are important things to pay attention to when purchasing one.

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Most Popular VR Glasses

  • Oculus Quest 2: The Oculus Quest 2 is currently the most popular choice for a virtual reality headset. This has to do with the fact that the glasses can be used completely wirelessly and without Computer. And thanks in part to the relatively low purchase price (available from €288 excluding VAT), the headset is accessible to anyone who wants to enter the VR world for the first time.
  • HP Reverb G2: The HP Reverb G2 is the most popular choice when looking for a VR headset in combination with and Computer. The advantage of a PC-controlled VR headset is that the glasses can provide a much higher quality image display. In addition, you usually also have a lot more choice in terms of software and games (compared to with a Standalone VR headset like the Oculus Quest 2).
  • HTC Vive Pro 2: The HTC Vive Pro 2 is a popular choice for users looking for a high-quality with VR headset that uses external tracking (e.g. full-body tracking). In addition, the HTC Vive Pro 2 is available in with a so-called "business edition", which makes the headset a good choice for business users and, for example, VR Arcades.
  • Varjo Aero: the Varjo Aero is currently the virtual reality headset with the highest image resolution. This headset is intended for the "prosumer": Consumers who are looking for a professional headset. Because of the high image resolution, the Varjo Aero with is mainly used in sim games and other applications where a sharp view is important.

Different types VR Glasses

Standalone VR: Standalone virtual reality, or All-In-One VR, is a virtual reality headset that does not have with a cable connected to a Computer. The headset contains its own processor chip with which the headset can be used completely "standalone". The advantage of a Standalone headset is that it is completely cable-free, you do not need additional Computer to use the headset, and the purchase price of a Standalone headset is relatively low (compared to with a PC VR Glasses). The disadvantages of a Standalone VR headset are that the resolution is usually lower than with a PC VR headset and that fewer games and applications are available for the glasses.

Examples of Standalone / All-In-One VR headsets are:

PC VR: A PC VR headset is a virtual reality headset that connects your with a cable to a Computer. with this cable allows you to use the power of your PC. As a result, you generally have a better image quality than in comparison with a Standalone headset. In addition, a PC VR headset usually uses the SteamVR gaming platform. Here you will find the most complete overview of games and applications for virtual reality.

Examples of PC VR headsets are:

  • HP Reverb G2
  • HTC Vive Pro 2
  • Varjo Aero
  • Pimax 8K X
  • Console VR and Smartphone VR: Finally there are Console VR and Smartphone VR to be named. A console VR headset is a pair of glasses that you connect to a gaming console. At the moment, the only console VR headset is the PlayStation VR Glasses. This VR headset connects to the PlayStation 4 (or 5). A release for the new PlayStation VR 2 has been announced, but it is not yet known when it will be released exactly.

    A Smartphone VR Glasses are a VR headset into which you can insert a mobile phone. Therefore, the VR headset does not have a built-in processor such as All-In-One VR Glasses, but the content is played on the mobile phone. Due to the limited capabilities of a mobile phone, a smartphone VR headset is generally only used for watching 360-degree videos, and not for gaming applications.

    Important Specifications of a VR Headset

    To determine which VR headset is suitable for you, it can be useful to look closely at the specifications of the glasses. For example, do you mainly want to use the glasses for playing flight simulators? Then a headset with high image resolution is important. But do you think it is more important that you use the glasses without cables? Then you automatically return to a Standalone / All-In-One headset. In this way there are several specifications that you can pay attention to when purchasing the glasses.

    Resolution: The image resolution is one of the most important specifications to ensure the quality of a VR headset. The image resolution is always displayed in a number of pixels. The higher this number of pixels, the sharper the image quality.

    Refresh rate: The refresh rate (or refresh rate) says something about how smoothly images can be played back. At a low refresh rate, the image will be a bit more choppy than at a high refresh rate. The refresh rate is always displayed in a number of Hz.

    Way of tracking: The tracking method determines how the VR headset and Controllers are tracked in space. In general, there are two options: inside-out tracking and external tracking. With inside-out tracking, there are tracking cameras in the headset itself. These cameras see where the headset is in the room and follow the Controllers. The advantage of inside-out tracking is that you no longer need separate sensors. The disadvantage of this method of tracking is that it is less accurate than external tracking.

    With external tracking, you use external tracking sensors (also called base stations or lighthouses). You place these base stations opposite each other in the corner of a room. The base stations transmit a signal which is received by the headset and Controllers. with this way of tracking you have the most accurate form of tracking. External tracking also makes it possible to use full-body tracking via HTC Vive trackers.

    Conclusion: which VR Glasses are best for you?

    To determine the right VR headset, it is useful to first consider whether you want to use a VR headset with or without Computer. In this way, half of the VR headsets are already gone, which makes it easier to choose the right glasses. Then you can think about which specifications are important. For example, do you think it is important that the headset has a good image resolution? Or do you want to move a lot with the headset, so do you think it is important that the headset has good tracking? Based on these questions, you can choose the right VR headset.

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