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HTC VIVE Full Face tracker for XR Elite

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HTC VIVE Full Face tracker for XR Elite

Introducing with the HTC VIVE Full Face tracker for XR Elite, the ultimate addition to your Virtual Reality experience. Designed to push the boundaries of immersion, this innovative tracker takes interaction to the next level by enabling precise facial and eye tracking.

with the Full Face tracker installed on you HTC VIVE XR Elite Headset, every expression and movement of your face is captured effortlessly. Thanks to advanced technologies, the tracker can perform up to 38 different movements of your lips, tongue, detect cheeks and teeth, allowing you to convey emotions and nuances in the virtual world in a lifelike way. The addition of eye-tracking functionality to the Full Face tracker opens up a whole new dimension of interaction. By accurately tracking the movements of your eyes, this feature not only provides deeper engagement, but also enables foveated rendering. This means that the Headset knows exactly what you're looking at, making the image extra sharp in that area, resulting in a more realistic and immersive experience.

Easy to install thanks to its magnetic click mechanism, the Full Face tracker can be effortlessly attached to the XR Elite Headset and just as easily removed when not in use. This makes it a versatile and easy-to-use addition to your VR setup. Experience the next step in Virtual Reality interaction with the HTC VIVE Full Face tracker for XR Elite. Discover a world where your emotions and movements are perfectly captured, and where every look can reveal a new experience.

Technical specifications
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C
  • Gaze data output frequency (binocular): 120 Hz
  • Accuracy: 0.5 ~ 1.1 degrees
  • Eye calibration: 5 points
  • Facial recognition sensor: Mono camera @60Hz
  • Game engine support: Unity, Unreal Engine, native support
  • SDK support: VIVE WAVE and OpenXR SDK, OpenXR and OpenVR SDK

Pros and cons
  • with the Full Face tracker add your eye and mouth tracking to the VR experience. This increases the realism of VR use, for example when you are an avatar in the virtual world.
  • Foveated rendering ensures that the part the user is looking at is played back sharper and with in higher quality.
  • The face tracker is easy to attach and remove from the XR Elite via a magnetic click.
  • The tracker is only suitable for use with the HTC VIVE XR Elite Headset.
  • Not all games and applications can use with mouth or eye tracking as standard.
What's in the box
  • 1 x VIVE Full Face tracker
  • 1 x VIVE face mask
  • 2 x Face spacer
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Additional Information

Product Codes

SKU 99HATZ004-00
EAN 4718487722594
Model Full Face Tracker XR Elite


Name HTC VIVE Full Face tracker for XR Elite
Weight (kg) 0.0800
Suitable for type Headset HTC VIVE XR Elite
Type of power connection No.
Product Videos
  • VIVE Education - Setting up the VIVE Full Face Tracker for VIVE XR Elite
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