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VR Flight Case with Pick and Pluck Foam (Custom Made)

Are you looking for a convenient and safe way to transport your VR gear? Then we have exactly what you need: our custom-made VR Flight Case with Pick and Pluck Foam. This is not a standard suitcase. We make it completely tailor-made for your VR equipment. You can indicate what you want to take with you, and we will provide a perfectly suitable solution.

What makes this suitcase so handy is the foam on the inside. This foam has pre-formed blocks that you can easily remove. This way you can adjust the space in the suitcase exactly to your belongings. And of course the foam also ensures that everything is well protected during transport. We have different sizes of cases available, so there is always one that fits your VR set. Whether you only have a Headset or a whole set of with accessories, we have the solution for you. So do you want to be able to take your VR equipment with you safely and conveniently? Then choose our VR Flightcase with Pick and Pluck Foam. Take today Contact with Contact us for more Information and a quote.

Pros and cons
  • The VR Flightcase is the most reliable way to carry your VR equipment safely. The flight case is also suitable for transport with the plane or a train.
  • This VR Flightcase is custom made for you. So it doesn't matter which equipment you want to take with you, we can make it exactly fit for you.
  • The closures of the suitcase have rings through which you can put a lock. This way you can properly close and secure the suitcase.
  • The pick-and-pluck foam is made of soft material. This can collapse or break over time.
  • Because the suitcase is made per order, it may take several days to weeks before the suitcase is ready.
What's in the box
  • 1 x VR Flight case (dimensions in consultation)
  • 1 x Custom-made foam layers

Additional Information

Product Codes

Brand Plastica Panaro


Name VR Flight Case with Pick and Pluck Foam (Custom Made)
Weight (kg) 5.4000
Suitable for type Headset DPVR, google glass, Hololens 2, HP Reverb G2, HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Cosmos, HTC VIVE Focus 3, HTC VIVE Pro (Eye), HTC VIVE Pro 2, HTC VIVE XR Elite, iris stick, Magic Leap, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, OculusGo, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift S, pico 4, Pico G2 4K, Pico Neo 3 Pro (Eye), Pimax, RealWear, Rokid, Sony PlayStation VR / PSVR2, Valve Index, varjo, vuzix, N/A, Other
Material Plastic
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