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VR Arcade Software management & Game licenses

When you want to start a Virtual reality arcade or arcade you will have to make with software licenses. In principle, you cannot just use a VR game in a commercial environment. Fortunately, there are separate software options to still use the most popular VR games in a relatively simple way. In this blog we therefore explain the 3 most popular options: Synthesis VR, Springboard VR and Viveport Arcade.

Tip: We've written a number of different blogs with useful tips on how to start with a VR Arcade. Below you will find links to the various blogs.

Synthesis VR

For many VR arcades, Synthesis VR is a good first option to start with. Synthesis VR is characterized by the great ease of use. with especially for inexperienced VR operators, Synthesis VR is a good choice to start with.

Synthesis VR actually offers the games in a very well-arranged way. When taking out a subscription at Synthesis VR you can choose a free subscription where you only pay for game licenses, or you can opt for a paid subscription where you, in addition to the game licenses, also paid for additional software features of Synthesis VR. These extra software options are with especially useful when you have multiple VR setups in a room. For example, you do not have to start a game per VR station, but you can easily do this from a separate laptop, tablet or PC. This paid subscription is available from $ 20 per month and goes up to $ 40 per month. You can choose the different subscription types here find.

Synthesis VR has an extensive library of popular VR games. They have made a good selection of games focused on Virtual Reality Arcades in this. These games are usually a bit shorter in playing time and can be started easily, so that players can quickly switch and get the most out of the game. Furthermore, Synthesis VR offers a separate category for free-roam games, where players with, for example, a portable backpack PC can roam freely in the room.

  • Wide range of both single player and multiplayer games.
  • Clear and relatively cheap prices. Pay per minute, per month or immediately.
  • Various subscription options, starting at $ 0 and going up to $ 40 per month.
  • Software capabilities are less extensive than comparable systems, such as Springboard VR.
  • Synthesis VR often does not immediately have the latest games available.

More Information about Synthesis VR? click here to go to the Synthesis VR website.

Springboard VR

Springboard VR is perhaps the best known and most widely used VR software management tool. VR Arcades all over the world use this software because Springboard VR has the most comprehensive game assortment and software management options. The website looks sleek and well-maintained, and the Springboard service team VR is also top notch. They respond quickly to questions and it is even possible to make an appointment for remote Installatie of the software. The disadvantage of Springboard VR is that it is relatively expensive (you always have a paid subscription that you by Headset should close) and that it is very comprehensive. For larger VR arcades this extensive software solution is very nice, but for small (starting) arcades it can quickly be "too much" and you may pay for functions that you will not use at all.

The gaming range of Springboard VR is very extensive. In fact, every game that can be played commercially can be found in the Springboard game library. The biggest advantage of Springboard VR is that they have developed the software in such a way that it can be started in-headset. This means that when a user wears VR glasses, he or she ends up in a separate Springboard VR world and can directly click on the games themselves. Of course, Springboard also offers the option of having this done via an operator, who, for example, with starts or closes the games remotely on a tablet or laptop.

  • The most extensive game range of all software systems.
  • Many functions in the field of VR station management.
  • Possibility of remote assist Installatie by the Springboard team.
  • Springboard VR is the most expensive VR software management system ( per Headset).
  • Also offers features that may not be interesting for smaller VR arcades.

More Information about Springboard VR? click here to go to the Springboard website VR.

Viveport Arcade

You may know Viveport as HTC's own software VIVE. This platform contains various games and applications that you can use as Consumer. But with Viveport Arcade focuses specifically on the Virtual reality arcades that want to use this. Viveport Arcade is most comparable to with Synthesis VR. with Viveport Arcade you have the option of three different payment options: pay-as-you-go, monthly payments or a mix between the two. The advantage of these payment methods is that you can decide for yourself which games you want to pay for or what not. For example, when a new VR game comes out that you're not quite sure whether it's something for your arcade, you can opt for pay-as-you-go, but with for the more popular and well-known games you can choose to pay monthly.

Viveport Arcade's game library is also similar with Synthesis VR. While Springboard VR clearly has the largest and most extensive range, Viveport Arcade really only limits itself to the most popular arcade games. The advantage is that you can determine how you want to pay per game. Pricing is usually based on how popular a game is, so you'll find prices starting at just $ 0.5 per hour / $ 1.99 per month.

  • Like Synthesis VR, Viveport Arcade offers a relatively cheap licensing agreement.
  • Suitable for beginner VR Arcades with less than 6 setups.
  • Very flexible options for paying for the games (per play or per month).
  • A bit more limited in terms of software options and functions.
  • Less extensive game range than Synthesis VR and Springboard VR.

More Information about Viveport Arcade? click here to go to the Viveport Arcade website.

Viveport Arcade
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