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VIVE Focus 3 Face Tracker

The VIVE Focus 3 Face Tracker makes it possible to realize facial movements in the virtual world. This allows the user to better show his or her emotions by, for example, laughing or looking angry. The Face tracker accurately follows the user's mouth movements without noticeable delay. Not only does this add an extra dimension of realism when playing games, but it can also be useful for a more realistic VR training or demo, such as practicing soft skills.

The VIVE Focus 3 Face Tracker is easy to attach to the VIVE Focus 3 Headset. No additional adapters or connections are required. The face tracker is with using a short USB-C cable to attach to the glasses.

Tip: combine the VIVE Focus 3 Face Tracker with with the following accessories:

  • Mono tracking: the face tracker captures expression through 38 'shapes' of the lips, jaw, cheeks, chin, teeth and tongue.
  • 60 Hz tracking speed: thanks to the high-fidelity tracking, the face tracker follows the face without any delay.
  • SDK support: the VIVE Focus 3 Face Tracker supports unity, Unreal Engine and certain native supports.
  • Fast connection: the VIVE Focus 3 Face Tracker connects directly to with the VIVE Focus 3 Headset via the built-in USB-C port. No separate add-ons or adapters are required.
Pros and cons
  • Add the face tracker to the Focus 3 Headset to track mouth movements.
  • Easy to attach to the Headset.
  • The face tracker works with the most common development programs, such as unity and Unreal Engine, and is natively supported on certain games (for example VRChat).
  • Combine the face tracker with the eye tracker for VIVE Focus 3 to create complete avatars.
  • There are relatively few games available that use face tracking.
  • The VIVE Focus 3 Headset is not included.
What's in the box
  • 1 x VIVE Focus 3 Face Tracker
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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Name VIVE Focus 3 Face tracker
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Product Videos
  • Introducing VIVE Focus 3 | VIVE
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