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Learn CPR with Velicus

Virtual Reality currently has many more useful applications than just playing games. For example, hospitals and government agencies use Virtual reality glasses to train staff. Mixed Reality is also frequently used these days to simulate situations. The difference between Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) is with mainly in the fact that Virtual [[MD5_14] ] is a completely virtual simulated world, while Mixed Reality is a combination between the 'real' world and the virtual world.

The Dutch development company Velicus has developed a very nice and innovative application that makes good use of the applications of Mixed Reality. with the Velicus application allows users to with a Microsoft Hololens 2 follow a (recognised) CPR course in a very realistic way. You can read exactly how this works in this blog.

CPR course and AED training

with The Velicus CPR and AED course allows students to learn to resuscitate, practice and test in a playful way, independent of time and place. The Velicus resuscitation course meets all requirements and is officially certified by Het Oranje Kruis.

Projected into the Hololens 2 headset, the user sees a lifelike hologram. Depending on which course the user is following, the user will see a person lying on the floor with surrounded by someone who is carrying out the steps. This allows the user to watch and he does not have to do much or nothing himself, only to take in the Information. It goes a step further when the user sees a doll in front of him, with on it a lifelike projection of someone who needs help. In the Hololens 2 goggles, the user is shown instructions and can then proceed to CPR. This even goes so far that the user is physically resuscitating the doll, while the displayed hologram in the Headset gives a realistic image of the 'patient'.

Microsoft Hololens 2 and Augmented/Mixed Reality applications

The Headset used for this application is the Microsoft Hololens 2. This AR headset (Augmented Reality) makes it possible to see the 'real' world and overlay it with a hologram or virtual representation. For example, it is possible to make with the Hololens 2 a combination between 'real' and 'virtual'.

The Hololens 2 is currently the most widely used Headset for applications that need to combine the real and virtual worlds. Due to the high quality of the holograms and the relatively high field of view, the Hololens 2 is (almost) always the right choice for this. Yet there are also a lot more things that the Hololens 2 can do. For example, it is possible to work via 'remote assist'. This means that the user can make hands-free video calls to communicate with with someone remotely. Think, for example, of a plumber who is working on location and has a specific question for the electrician. The Hololens 2 makes it possible to put on the goggles at the plumber's and let the electrician watch from a distance via a tablet, telephone or laptop and directly with communicate with the plumber. Because the electrician does not have to be physically present on site, he can see immediately what the plumber also sees, this saves a lot of time and costs.

In our blog 'Hololens 2 Use Cases & Best Practices' we give a number of practical examples of how other companies use the Hololens 2 in an innovative way. Do you still doubt the applications that the Hololens 2 has? Then this blog is definitely worth reading!

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