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Are you looking for a VR or XR Headset from the Varjo brand? On this page you will find all products of this brand. Varjo glasses are made for users who want only the very best quality. with ultra high resolution and high quality lenses provide the glasses with an unprecedented experience. The VR-3 and XR-3 are available for business users. For Consumers who are looking for the very best, the Varjo Aero is for sale. All three glasses can of course be ordered in the webshop of Unbound XR. We are the XR expert in Europe and offer a complete and up-to-date range of XR glasses and accessories. Discover it yourself!

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Find your Varjo Headset at Unbound XR

Whether you are looking for a Varjo VR or XR Headset, as a Consumer, business user or learning institution, you are guaranteed to succeed with Unbound XR. With us you have a wide choice from a current range that we always keep up-to-date. With us you will find the latest and very latest headsets available on the market. Think of the Varjo VR-3, XR-3 and Aero.

Varjo VR and XR for business users

The VR-3 is a pair of Virtual Reality goggles that enable professional performance at the highest level. Hand movements are captured accurately, making for highly intuitive interactions. The eye tracker is not only fast, but also very precise. The Varjo VR-3 has a full-frame Bionic Display with a very high resolution, making even the smallest details clear and bright. Color accuracy is 99 percent consistent with with the sRGB color space for a lifelike experience. The wide field of view of 115 degrees also contributes to an ultimate experience.

Many of the above features, such as the high resolution, wide field of view, fast and extremely accurate eye and hand trackers, and very high color accuracy, can also be found in the Varjo XR-3. Where the VR-3 was developed for Virtual Reality, you with dive the XR-3 into the world of mixed reality. Thanks to the superior video pass-through technology, virtual objects look lifelike. So no simple holograms in the real life world, but a world in which real and virtual merge into one whole.

Aero developed for Consumers

Developed for the Consumers VR market, the Varjo Aero offers an ultra-sharp resolution of 2880 by 2720 pixels with and a Field Of View of 115 degrees. To get the best possible experience, it is possible to precisely adjust the crystal clear aspherical lenses to the user's eyes through so-called "one-dot calibration". Unlike the VR-3 and XR-3, the Varjo Aero can be used without a software license. However, you still have to purchase the peripheral equipment, such as sensors and Controllers, separately. For example, you can use the HTC VIVE base stations and Controllers for this.

Extensive compatibility thanks to Steam tracking

Varjo's VR and XR glasses work based on Steam tracking. Steam tracking makes it possible to connect accessories from other brands that also use this to your glasses. For example, you can connect the accessories of HTC VIVE. Consider the Controllers and base stations. Steam tracking offers extensive compatibility, allowing you to upgrade and accessorize your goggles the way you want.

Get the most out of your glasses with Varjo Base and Steam

Varjo has developed its own software platform called Varjo Base. This is the software you use to operate and control your Headset. with this software allows you to easily change the various settings of the glasses, study real-time data and it is even possible to let others watch with what you see through your VR or XR glasses. Varjo Base is therefore an indispensable tool with which you can get the most out of your glasses.

In addition, it is possible to download and play VR games and applications from Steam. To access the various VR games and applications that SteamVR has to offer, you must first have the Steam application installed. Download SteamVR to access and play VR games and other VR applications on your Varjo Headset.

Buy Varjo Headset at Unbound XR?

Would you like to buy a Varjo Headset from us? Please keep in mind that the Aero is supplied without peripheral equipment and that you need a current Varjo subscription for the business headsets (VR-3 and XR-3). Without this subscription, which gives you access to various Varjo software and business services, you will not be able to use the Headset. Are the headsets intended for a learning institution, such as a school or university? Then request a quote for the academic variant. If you have any questions, you can always contact with our specialists. You do this via our form. We are happy to help you in your search for suitable VR or XR glasses that meet your expectations and wishes!

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