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Pimax Crystal Lighthouse Faceplate

Unleash the full potential of your Pimax Crystal VR headset with the groundbreaking Pimax Crystal Lighthouse Faceplate. Specially designed to take your virtual reality adventures to the next level, this exceptional add-on allows you to explore the virtual world with with unparalleled accuracy and precision. Say goodbye to limitations and immerse yourself in a realm of immersive possibilities like never before. The Pimax Crystal Lighthouse Faceplate opens the door to increased precision in tracking. While the Pimax Crystal Headset has inside-out tracking capabilities, the Lighthouse Faceplate goes further by providing seamless compatibility with with external base stations, such as the HTC VIVE SteamVR base stations. with These high-performance base stations track your every move with with unparalleled precision, delivering a truly immersive experience that blurs the line between reality and the virtual world.

The Pimax Crystal Lighthouse Faceplate expands your options for your VR setup exponentially. Imagine wielding the Controllers of HTC VIVE Pro, experiencing the innovative Pimax Sword Controllers or even attaching VIVE Trackers to your limbs for a whole new level of realism. The Faceplate opens the way for seamless integration of a range of accessories, enhancing your interactions and engagement within the virtual world. Upgrading your VR experience has never been easier. The Pimax Crystal Lighthouse Faceplate is ingeniously designed for effortless Installatie. Simply click on your Pimax Crystal Headset and you are ready to start your VR journey like never before. No complex installation processes or technical expertise required; just a few clicks and you're ready to explore a world of immersive wonder.

Pros and cons
  • The Pimax Crystal Lighthouse Faceplate offers significantly improved tracking accuracy compared to with the standard inside-out tracking of the Pimax Crystal Headset. Using remote base stations like the HTC VIVE SteamVR base stations, motion tracking with is achieved with unparalleled precision, creating a more immersive and realistic VR experience.
  • with the Lighthouse Faceplate allows users to enjoy a wider range of accessories and Controllers. This opens the door to a world of possibilities, including using Controllers from other brands such as HTC VIVE Pro, Pimax Sword Controllers and VIVE Trackers. This enriches the interactions within VR and increases the versatility of the VR experience.
  • The Faceplate can be attached effortlessly to the Pimax Crystal Headset. This means that users do not have to go through complicated installation processes. with Just a few clicks they can take advantage of the improved tracking and accessory compatibility.
  • To take full advantage of the enhanced tracking with Lighthouse Faceplate, external base stations such as the HTC VIVE SteamVR base stations are required. This may be a disadvantage for some users if they do not already own these base stations, as it requires additional costs and Installatie.
  • If users choose not to use the Lighthouse Faceplate with external base stations, they are limiting its benefits and essentially only using the faceplate for accessory compatibility. This can reduce the overall value of the faceplate if enhanced tracking is not utilized.
What's in the box
  • 1 x Pimax Crystal Lighthouse Faceplate

Additional Information

Product Codes

SKU PVH00010142
Brand Pimax
Model face plate


Name Pimax Crystal Lighthouse Faceplate
Suitable for type Headset Pimax
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