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Explore the possibilities of Meta Quest for Business

A Meta Quest for Business subscription is the fastest and easiest way to use the power of Meta Quest to transform your business.

User management Secure your company's access to Meta Quest devices with Enterprise-level features.

Device management Manage headsets at scale and control the experience and settings across a wide range of devices.

Application management Deploy and manage applications through Quest Device Manager, including your business applications.

Customer service Receive instant help across multiple channels when you need it, so you always stay on task.

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About the Meta Quest for Business plans and additional Services

You manage or want to manage a number of Meta Quest (Pro) with Quest for Business. If you are considering this, you can make the following choices at Unbound XR for the MDM of Meta Quest for Business:

Basic subscription*

*The basic subscription includes all the functionalities of an MDM. You can add this to with Shared Mode. Shared mode allows multiple people to use Meta Quest devices, while administrators can control which apps they can use. Instead of logging in with a Meta account, users can access their own settings with with a simple PIN

Basic subscription: User management

Within the Admin Center you can exercise full control over access to Meta Quest headsets. This central management platform enables organizations to manage and assign their organization's user accounts in a structured and efficient manner. This process is facilitated by automated provisioning, allowing organizations to grant or revoke access quickly and accurately.

In addition, access management is optimized through seamless integration with major identity providers. This makes it possible to streamline your organization's identity management and connect with the Meta Quest ecosystem. This integrated approach not only increases ease of use, but also strengthens security, as organizations can take advantage of the advanced security features of their existing identity providers.

Basic subscription: Device management

Device Manager gives you direct management of all your Meta Quest headsets. It includes an integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and offers optional integrations with third-party MDM providers such as Ivanti (formerly MobileIron), VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Intune. The Admin Center allows you to configure devices in bulk, set up device profiles, monitor device status, and configure certificate-based Wi-Fi support. In addition, you can request PIN reset and wipe devices remotely.

Basic subscription: Application management

Customize with trust your company's work experiences. Administrators have the option to deploy and manage private apps on Meta Quest headsets through the device manager, with using an APK link, or through a dedicated business channel. In addition, administrators can control which applications users can view and download by disabling access to the Quest App Store in the device configuration settings for managed devices.

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Additional subscription: Shared Mode

Share devices with the entire team. Shared mode allows Meta Quest devices to be shared among multiple people, with administrators in control of which apps those people can use. Instead of logging in with to a Meta account, users can use with with a simple PIN to access their own settings.

Shared Mode is not included in the standard subscription of Meta Quest and must be purchased separately.

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Meta Support Plus

Upgrade your experience with Support Plus for priority access to 24/7 multi-channel support.

Main benefits
Multi-channel support: We make it easy for administrators to get help with with hardware and/or software issues. Speak with to our support team via chat for critical issues for a personalized response or via in-product tickets for less urgent questions.

24/7 Priority Support: Our 24/7 support team responds to your most urgent Meta Quest and Meta Quest for Business related issues within minutes via live chat. They will answer other non-urgent questions within 4 hours via a ticket, allowing you to focus on your daily tasks.

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Additional Services for Meta Quest for Business

At Unbound, we understand the importance of a hassle-free experience for our customers who choose Quest for Business. Therefore, we offer the following additional Services:

  • Installation and Configuration of MDM for Quest for BusinessWe take care of the pre-installation and configuration of the Quest for Business Mobile Device Management (MDM), including all desired applications. with this service we guarantee that your Meta hardware is ready for immediate use upon receipt.
  • Version and Update ManagementOur experts manage and update your Quest for Business hardware, the MDM system and the applications on your devices. We ensure that everything is safe, up-to-date and functions optimally.
  • Helpdesk for End UsersWe provide first-line support to your customers for all hardware and software questions related to Quest for Business. Your software-related questions will be forwarded directly to you. This service also includes version and update management, as well as MDM configuration management.
  • Financing optionsIn collaboration with with our partners, we offer various financing options for your Quest for Business purchase. After a thorough inventory of your wishes, we will put you in touch with with the right financial partner.
  • Buyback guaranteeWe offer a buyback guarantee for the Quest for Business hardware you purchase from us. This way you always stay up to date with with the latest technology. We offer a fair market price and ensure environmentally friendly processing of depreciated hardware.
  • Extended WarrantyAs standard you receive a 12-month warranty on your Quest for Business hardware, with with the option to extend this to 24 months. Optional insurance against fall, impact and other damage is available for 12 to 36 months.
  • Demonstrations, Training and AdviceWe provide demonstrations, training and advice for Quest for Business, both at your location and in our office in Nijmegen.

More Information about Quest for Business and Our Services

Questions about the Quest for Business? Email our customer service for more Information.

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Meta Quest for Business

Meta Quest for Business

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  • Welcome to Oculus for Business
  • Growing Your VR Business on Meta Quest
  • This is the Quest 3
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