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Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock

Discover the Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock, the ideal accessory for an organized and efficient VR experience. Specially designed for the Meta Quest 3 Headset and Controllers, this charging dock offers advanced charging technology for optimal battery performance. with With its elegant design and durable construction, it blends seamlessly into any room while keeping your gaming environment clutter-free. The Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock offers a central storage and charging station, so you're always ready for your next virtual adventure.

Pros and cons
  • The charging station provides a central and convenient place to store and charge both your Meta Quest 3 Headset and Controllers. This minimizes the clutter in your play space and ensures that all your devices are always ready to use.
  • The advanced charging technology ensures that your devices are charged at the right speed and with the right amount of power. This extends the life of your batteries and prevents overcharging.
  • The sleek and modern design of the charging station adds an aesthetic element to your gaming space. It not only looks good, but also fits seamlessly with different interior styles.
  • Do you also have one? Elite Strap with battery? Then the dock will charge both the Headset and the Strap battery.
  • The charging station is specifically designed for the Meta Quest 3 VR Glasses and Controllers. It may not be compatible with future VR glasses or other brands.
  • The charging base comes without the Meta Quest 3 Headset and Controllers, which means you have to purchase these separately.
What's in the box
  • 1 x Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock
  • 2 x Quest 3 wireless rechargeable battery for Controllers
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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Additional Information

Product Codes

SKU 899-00573-01
EAN 815820024545
Brand Meta Quest
Model Quest 3 Charging Dock


Weight (kg) 0.4270
Outside dimensions 323,68 mm x 89,12 mm x 64,32mm
Exterior material Plastic
Color White
Charging method No.
Type of power connection No.


Name Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock
Suitable for type Headset Meta Quest 3
Product Videos
  • Introducing Meta Quest 3
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