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HTC Vive Focus 3 LBE License: New Features for VR Arcades and LBE Locations

The HTC Vive Focus 3 is a popular Standalone VR glasses aimed at businesses. Partly because of the additional "VIVE Enterprise Warranty" as standard, it is a smart and safe choice for companies that want reliable, wireless VR glasses. But recently HTC Vive has implemented a number of (software) updates that make the Vive Focus 3 also very good in a VR Arcade or other LBE environment (location based entertainment) can be used. In this blog we list the new updates of the Vive Focus 3 .

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1. LBE Mode (Location Based Entertainment)

with this update allows the Vive Focus 3 a much larger area of tracking than before so that a real free-roam space can be created. When the Focus 3 was launched, the tracking capability was limited to 15x15 meters (about the size of a tennis court). But with this new update allows the Vive Focus 3 a space up to 33x30m tracking (about 1000m2 - the size of 4 tennis courts). This ensures that there is a much larger play area available for players to roam freely in.


The LBE mode also allows you to create a playing field in any shape you want. For example, you can choose to keep a square playing field (for example 20x20 meters), but it is also no problem to keep a playing field in the shape of a rectangle (for example 15x25 meters). Once the playing field has been set up there is no need to do this a second time (unless of course you want to change the playing field). The VR glasses themselves remember the created playing field.

with the LBE mode it is thus possible to create an expanded(r) playing field in a VR arcade environment. But this also makes the VR glasses more suitable for training purposes, for example where a user has to walk around in a realistic way.


2. Map Sharing

Map sharing was a much requested feature among LBE users. Map sharing makes it possible to accurately view other VR glasses. This allows you to walk with multiple Focus 3 glasses in the same room without any problems, without bumping into each other. When you translate this to an LBE environment, you can, for example, create a VR escape room where a number of players are physically next to each other and with can interact with each other in the virtual world.

To enable map sharing, you just need to set with one Focus 3 pair of glasses as a play area. Then you can share this same playing area with the other VR glasses. In addition, it is also possible to set other things, such as floor height and the direction where the VR glasses look during calibration.


3. WiFi 6E

The Vive Focus 3 is compatible with the new WiFi 6E generation. This is the new standard that operates on the 6 GHz frequency range. Not only does it offer extremely low latency (delay) and high bandwidth (perfect for VR streaming), but it also drastically minimizes the Wi-Fi interference that normally exists.

The Vive Focus 3 has the right properties from the start to be able to use WiFi 6E. It is therefore not necessary to incur additional costs for this in the form of an extra license. WiFi 6E can be used as standard with every Vive Focus 3 glasses.

4. VO Mode (visual odometry)

In VO mode, users can skip the default environment configuration. This is normally a process you perform to define the playing field in the room. But when you're in a VR arcade environment you don't have to recalibrate every time, because the space stays the same (for example in a VR Cube). In that case, VO mode makes it possible to simply put on the headset in the room and get started immediately, without a separate calibration process. Especially useful when you with are going through several people in the same room (players take the headset off, and put it on with a new player).


5. LBE Hybrid Mode

The LBE Hybrid Mode makes it possible to use both LBE mode and VO mode at the same time. Most of the Focus 3 users use the headset in a free-roam environment with multiple players at the same time. Therefore, combining both LBE mode and VO mode makes it possible to prepare with multiple headsets for calibration at the same time, so groups just need to pass the headset on to new players and they can go straight to with the game (without doing a new calibration).

Additional adjustments to the Vive Focus 3

  • Vive tracker calibration: The Vive tracker calibration makes it easier to add an HTC Vive tracker to the Focus 3 glasses. For example, you can connect a separate tracker to the Focus 3 controller, but it is also possible to take accessories to the virtual world, such as a tennis racket or a baseball bat.
  • Disable pop-up messages: If there is one thing that bothers you while playing, it is that a pop-up message appears on the screen. This takes you out of the VR experience. It is therefore possible to disable the various pop-up messages such as "no limit set" and "gen Controller connected" etc.
  • Floor detection: the floor height can be set completely manually. You can even choose not to have a floor.

What does the HTC Vive Focus 3 LBE license cost?

Do you want to use the LBE and VO mode? Then it is possible to purchase a separate license. The price of this license is €100 excluding VAT per headset. Purchasing the license is very simple: send an email to our sales department (sales@unboundxr.nl) stating the number of licenses you want to use (note: each Focus 3 glasses must have a separate license). You will receive a quote (or an order immediately) from us worth the number of licenses. And we will ask you for an Organization ID on which the licenses can be activated. When the order is placed, we will contact with HTC to activate the licenses on the correct Organization ID. This process usually only takes 1 business day.

Want to know more about the license? Or are you wondering which mode (LBE/VO/Hybrid) is suitable for your organization? We are happy to with think along with you. It is also possible to schedule an online meeting to see which license is best suited for you. In addition, we can provide assistance with its implementation.

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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