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VR simulator

with a Virtual Reality simulator adds an extra dimension to your VR experience. Crawl into a comfortable racing seat and experience your favorite racing game like never before. Or run at full speed from enemies on the VR treadmill in the middle of your living room, without the fear of bumping into walls or other people in the real world. This makes your Virtual Reality experience even more realistic. This way you can navi

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gate through a virtual space, manipulate objects and have physical interaction with them. Would you like to buy a simulator? At Unbound XR you will find a wide range. View our range on this page. Are you looking for something else? View all ours here VR Peripherals Products.

What is a Virtual Reality simulator?

A Virtual Reality (VR) simulator is a computer system that creates a virtual, realistic environment with 3D graphics, audio, and interactive controls. For example, you can simulate a car race, where you really have the feeling that you are actually physically present at that race and that you are sitting in that racing seat yourself. In addition to entertainment purposes, this technology is also used for research, military simulations and education.

Next level VR racing

A VR simulator offers the user the opportunity to experience a virtual environment that is much more realistic than traditional computer simulations. The PlaySeat racing simulator is very popular. This racing seat, which is compatible with with most steering and pedal sets on the market, is available in different variants. For example, we sell the PlaySeat Evolution and the foldable Challenge. Another well-known racing simulator is the EDGE 6D Full Motion. Whichever option you choose, with a simulator allows you to experience next level VR racing.

Run, walk and shoot with the VR treadmill package

Are you more into shooting simulator games? Then be sure to take a look at the Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill Package. This is a VR motion platform so you can walk and run around freely without accidentally knocking over that expensive vase on the windowsill. with this VR treadmill allows you to walk and run on the spot in 360 degrees. You are firmly stuck in a ring. with With the included Omniverse you can choose from various fun games in different genres.

Looking for a simulator for Virtual reality?

Would you like to buy a racing chair or treadmill for Virtual Reality? You're in the right place at Unbound XR! We are the XR expert in Europe. In addition to various popular brands and models XR headsets, we also sell accessories and complete simulators. In short, with us you will find everything you need to dive into the world of VR, in the way you want. Have you seen a simulator in our webshop that you would like to order? Add the item to your shopping cart or put together your package yourself. Would you like to receive advice from a professional or do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact with us via our form.

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