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Virtual Reality (VR) in marketing and brand experience

Virtual Reality is known to many as a "nice toy", but can - and is, very well used for unique marketing campaigns. Major brands such as Adidas, The North Face and Coca-Cola are all working on with the playful actions with which you with can experience a cool experience using Virtual reality glasses. Because that's largely what Virtual Reality is all about; instead of looking at something static, you can with an VR Headset actually live the experience.

Typically, Virtual Reality can be used in marketing in five different ways: 1. Virtual tours, 2. Unique campaign, 3. Testing products, 4. Provide training and 5. Entertainment purposes. In this blog we give a number of examples of cool VR experiences that all make good use of the powers of Virtual Reality in a unique and playful way.

Adidas TERREX clothing campaign

Somewhere Else x Adidas: Delicatessen VR (2017)

This VR campaign from Adidas was created from the selection of their target group. For the launch of a new outdoor clothing and accessories line, Adidas wanted their customers - who with in particular are the sporty outdoor types, to experience an unforgettable experience. However, getting everyone to physically climb a mountain is an impossible task, so the campaign in Virtual Reality was designed. with using 360-degree camera images from climbers Ben Rueck and Delaney Miller and a completely newly developed interactive 3D VR environment, people could with only use VR goggles on the mountain themselves climb. During this virtual climb you will come across all kinds of points on the mountain where you can get Information to you. From handy climbing tips, to real-life experiences of Ben Rueck and Delaney Miller, to new product information for the newly released Adidas clothing.

This VR experience was played in more than 50 Adidas stores in 10 different cities in China for several weeks and the experience could be experienced at various Adidas events (including in Germany).


Traveling in a virtual refrigerator

Boursin® Sensorium 360 Virtual Reality Experience (2015)

This video from Boursin is a bit older now (2015), but was one of the first 360 VR videos to uniquely market a product. In the video you take a virtual journey through the refrigerator where you encounter all kinds of products. These products are all processed in the ingredients of Boursin and you with regularly come across a stray pack of Boursin herb cheese. The video is a very nice experience that everyone can experience completely free of charge. The video can be viewed on a relatively simple mobile VR Glasses. You just need to start the video on the YouTube app and then you can place your phone in a Google Cardboard or similar.

This video was played during several food festivals in the UK. Visitors were able to experience this experience in a fun (and very accessible) way and Boursin managed to put their own brand in the spotlight.


Celebrate Virtual King's Day

Kingsday VR Festival Aftermovie (2020)

King's Day is of course one of the largest and most famous holidays in the Netherlands. But due to the corona crisis, it has unfortunately not been able to continue physically this year, 2020. Due to the 1.5 meter measures, no events are organized for a large part of the year, which is of course a great shame for many people. Visitors, organizers and artists alike are very disappointed by this. But VRROOM has managed to develop something really cool for this.

The first virtual King's Day was a fact in 2020. The VR experience has been developed in collaboration with with a number of well-known brands (such as Heineken, Unox and DSQUARED). People who wanted to go to the festival were able to buy a ticket in which they could log in to a virtual room. This space was a completely recreated square in Amsterdam, with Madame Tussauds and an orange windmill in the background. There were even tickets available for VIP areas, which allowed you to get even closer to artists (in VR)! All proceeds from these ticket sales also went to charity.

This VR experience was best for users who have VR glasses such as HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift, but can also be experienced without VR glasses. During the virtual King's Day there were all kinds of live streams from DJs that could be seen on a Computer or on your phone.

The virtual King's Day was eventually attended by more than 10,000 users and received international attention. This is a good example of how you can process Virtual Reality in "real" life and get a lot of (media) attention with it!


Workouts in Virtual Reality

KLM Passenger Bridge Training in VR (2019)

You might not immediately think so, but KLM is one of the most progressive companies in the field of Virtual Reality. KLM's VR department is rapidly developing all kinds of cool Virtual Reality applications. One of the applications of VR at KLM is training employees.

One of these training courses is, for example, operating the passenger bridge. The KLM development team has made a complete VR simulation in which the user is at Schiphol and has to operate the bridge. All actions that you should make in real life are included in this simulation. At the end of the simulation training you will see an overview of which actions you have done correctly and incorrectly, and what you can do better next time.

This way of providing training is fun for the employees on the one hand because they work with new techniques, but on the other hand it also saves enormously on costs. The advantage of a virtual training is that you only have to simulate the virtual space once. For large projects - such as operating the passenger bridge, it is therefore much more efficient to do this in VR than in real life.


Movie trailers and campaigns in VR

IT - FLOAT: A Cinematic VR Experience Trailer

One of the biggest benefits of Virtual Reality is that the experience is much more immersive. As a user you are much more immersed in what you are looking at. Instead of just looking at a screen, as your with movies often do - you with VR live the experience through the eyes of the character. with in other words: you are in the film yourself! Films are cleverly responding to this by including VR experiences in their campaigns when they release a new film.

An example of a movie genre that lends itself very well to VR is horror. IT (from Stephen King) responds particularly well to this with every release of a new chapter. There's something really scary about being able to get so close to the IT clown without turning your head. Sure, you can close your eyes so as not to see the screen in front of you; but the fact that you have the headphones close to your ears remains very realistic (with especially if this is anticipated in the VR experience by, for example, footsteps coming from different directions).

Another particularly fun (and relatively simple) VR experiences that target more children is "Elliot's Flyover" 360 Video Experience from the famous Walt Disney movie "Pete's Dragon". In this experience you watch a 360-degree video in which you sit on the back of a dragon. This experience is ideal for campaigns of a film, because this is of course a dream that comes true for many children!


Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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