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The 5 best (free) VR smartphone apps

Want to experience Virtual Reality for the first time? Then a mobile VR Glasses is a nice and relatively cheap solution! On a mobile VR Glasses you can play nice 360 degree videos where you imagine yourself in the virtual world. You only need your own smartphone and mobile VR glasses (already available from € 19.95).

In this blog, we highlight the 5 best free VR apps that you can download on your mobile phone. Of course there are also a lot of other applications that you can use with a smartphone and mobile VR glasses, but these 5 applications give a good idea of the possibilities that you have.

1. Google Cardboard and Cardboard Camera (Android and iOS)

Google Cardboard is one of the first mobile VR applications on the market. The app has been developed since the emergence of VR technology and still offers plenty of opportunities for new users. The application is built to showcase the capabilities of VR and is recommended for people who want to enter the VR world for the first time.

Cardboard Camera - not to be confused with Google Cardboard, allows users to take 360-degree photos themselves and play them in a mobile VR Glasses. The application is very easy to use and is a fun first step in creating 360 degree videos. Take with your phone a nice 360 degree photo or video, for example of your living room, and view these with mobile Virtual Reality glasses.

2. Within VR (Android and iOS)

The VR application Within clearly lists the most beautiful VR content for you. with this app allows you to watch the most beautiful Virtual Reality videos on your phone. Within combines the best stories with in the VR world and is therefore recommended for anyone who starts with mobile Virtual Reality.

3. Netflix VR (Android)

If you're looking for a mobile application to watch movies and series in VR, you're in the right place with Netflix VR. The application works just like Netflix works on your television. You turn on the screen of your smartphone and slide it into the mobile VR Glasses, and enjoy the most beautiful 360-degree movies out there.

4. Discovery VR (Android and iOS)

No list with of the best VR apps would be complete without Discovery VR. It is the official Discovery Channel app and it is available for all Android and iOS devices with Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+ respectively. Discovery VR provides a series of videos in different environments that are normally difficult to reach, but show them without limits in the virtual world.

5. YouTube VR (Android)

YouTube is one of the best online resources to get your hands on 360-degree videos for free. Like other Google apps, YouTube VR is also available for free. To enjoy YouTube VR videos, all you need is your smartphone and a mobile VR Glasses. However, we also recommend having a bluetooth Controller or voice control, so that you can easily switch videos without having to take your smartphone out of the glasses every time.

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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