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ProTube VR

ProTube is a company that develops and sells VR accessories, including accessories to turn your VR controller(s) into a gun. with with the Virtual Reality accessories from this brand you will be even more immersed in the virtual world. This makes your experience more realistic than ever before with the MagTube or ProVolver. View our range of ProTube VR accessories on this page.

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Turn your Controllers into a gun with the MagTube

Want to feel like you're holding a real gun while playing a first-person VR shooter? Then the ProTube MagTube is an indispensable accessory for your Virtual Reality Headset. The MagTube is available for various brands and models VR Glasses, such as the HP Reverb G2, Pico Neo 3, Meta Quest 2 and HTC VIVE Pro 2. This accessory from the ProTube brand is a VR gunstock to which you can easily attach your Controllers. Place the Controllers correctly in the magnetic holders and it will feel like you are holding a real gun. The ProTube VR gunstock is very solidly built and can be adjusted if desired. Do you want to use the accessory to play a certain game? Always check first whether the game supports this.

ProVolver for Meta Quest 2

There is also another ProTube accessory for sale for the Meta Quest 2: the ProVolver. with With this ProTube accessory you can transform your Quest 2 Controller into a revolver in no time. Slide the Controller into the VR gun and adjust the haptic motor on the front of the gun as you wish. Single-shot, full-auto and even a laser are possible. The extra weight on the front makes the gun feel realistic. The ProVolver is therefore ideal for training purposes at the police or defense. VR games that are supported anyway are: Sniper Elite VR, Onward and Pavlov VR.

When you order the ProTube ProVolver from us, you will receive it as standard for the right hand. However, it is also possible to order this accessory for the left or both hands. Please contact with our customer service.

Order your ProTube VR accessories at Unbound XR

Unbound XR offers the largest range of XR glasses and accessories. You should also contact us if you are looking for ProTube VR accessories. We are the XR expert in Europe. With us you are guaranteed to succeed. Order your ProTube VR accessories via this page. Do you have any questions or would you like to order the ProVolver for left or both hands? Please contact with us via our form. Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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