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Discover the Apple Vision Pro: The Future Starts Here

Imagine being able to seamlessly merge the digital world into with the real world. with the Apple Vision Pro, the revolutionary technological tour de force that will soon be available, makes this dream a reality. It almost looks like you are wearing futuristic goggles, but in reality it opens your eyes to a completely new reality. At Unbound XR you will soon be able to order this groundbreaking gadget and take your digital experience to unprecedented heights.

A boundless experience

The Apple Vision Pro provides an infinite canvas for apps beyond the limitations of traditional displays. with With its fully three-dimensional user interface, controlled by the power of your eyes, hands and voice, this device creates a world so realistic it almost seems unreal. Imagine being able to transform your own living room into a completely personalized digital environment. This is no longer science fiction, but the reality of the Apple Vision Pro.

What makes the Apple Vision Pro so special?

The question is actually rather: what can the Vision Pro not do? with an innovative display system that contains 23 million pixels spread over two screens and a unique dual-chip design, the image quality of the Vision Pro is astonishing. with this device lets you see the world around you better than ever before, with a level of detail that your own eyes can't match.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Vision Pro introduces spatial computing, a new dimension of technology. with Building on decades of Apple innovation, the Vision Pro is way ahead of its time. This device opens the door to incredible experiences for users and exciting new opportunities for developers. It is a true revolution in the way we experience digital content.

"It's tomorrow's engineering, today. So you're going to live in the future and you're going to do it today. It's the most advanced piece of electronic equipment out there." - Tim Cook, CEO Apple.

Unique to the Apple Vision Pro is that the Headset does not use Controllers, but relies entirely on hand tracking. The hand tracking sensors are built into the bottom of the Headset, so that the user does not have to keep his or her hands in front of him, but can simply leave them relaxed on his lap. In addition, the glasses contain an entire screen on the front that projects the eyes of the user. This way outsiders can see whether you are with working on a VR application, or with an AR application where you can also see the real world around you. This innovation significantly increases user-friendliness.

Change your world with the Vision Pro

Thanks to the three-dimensional camera and spatial audio, photo and video functions of the Vision Pro, memories come to life in a whole new way. Photos can be viewed life-size and panoramas wrap around you, putting you in the middle of the action. Even FaceTime calls are becoming more immersive than ever before. with spatial audio you hear the voice of the person with you are talking to as if they were standing right in front of you. You can even watch movies or work on presentations with with people who are not physically with you.

The possibilities are endless

with thousands of apps that will be available for the Vision Pro, the possibilities of this device are truly limitless. It runs visionOS, the Vision Pro's native operating system, and offers a three-dimensional interface that removes the limitations of traditional screens.

Apps can be displayed side-by-side at any size, making multitasking a breeze. with the support of a Magic Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad allows you to customize the Vision Pro to your personal preferences.

A wearable innovation

The design of the Vision Pro is as sleek and advanced as we've come to expect from Apple. It integrates the latest innovations in portability and user experience. with Personalized Spatial Audio adjusts the audio based on your unique head and ears. The visual element can even be tailored to your individual eye characteristics. Apple spared no expense to make the Vision Pro the most advanced personal technology device ever.

Get ready for the future

This revolutionary technology comes with a price tag. According to Apple's press release, the Vision Pro will be available at launch for ,449 in the United States. It's never too early to start saving for this unprecedented experience. Get ready for a new world of possibilities with the Apple Vision Pro, coming soon at Unbound XR.

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  • What is the Apple Vision Pro?

    The Apple Vision Pro is the latest and first XR Headset from the technology company Apple. The Vision Pro is a revolutionary technological device that looks like a futuristic diving mask. It enables users to seamlessly merge digital content and the physical world.

    • What makes the Apple Vision Pro so special?

      The Vision Pro has an innovative display system with 23 million pixels spread over two screens, resulting in stunning image quality. It offers a fully three-dimensional user interface and is controlled by the user's eyes, hands and voice.

      • What experiences does the Apple Vision Pro offer?

        with the Vision Pro allows users to transform their physical environment, such as their living room, into a fully personalized digital world. It brings memories to life with with a three-dimensional camera and spatial audio, and makes FaceTime calls more immersive than ever before.

        • What options are there with with the Apple Vision Pro?

          The Apple Vision Pro offers thousands of apps and a three-dimensional interface that makes multitasking easy. Users can view photos and videos as if they were there, and even collaborate with others remotely on movies and presentations.

          • Where can I buy the Apple Vision Pro?

            The Apple Vision Pro will soon be available via the Unbound XR webshop. You can order the innovative device from apple.com and from official Apple stores as soon as it is available.

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