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Vaccinate in Virtual Reality

Throughout the Netherlands, everything is being done to get as many people as possible vaccinated. But what do you do when there is "prick fear"? Then Virtual Reality can be a very nice tool to convince these people too!

'People imagine themselves in the Maldives or swimming among the dolphins. In the meantime, the jab is being set.' - Carla Schramm, emergency room nurse.

The first Dutch Virtual Reality pop-up injection location has been set up in the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. People can get vaccinated here without an appointment. What is unique about this injection location is that Erasmus MC uses Virtual Reality glasses during the injection. This is with particularly useful for people who experience needle stick anxiety. with the Virtual Reality goggles on the head you swim between the dolphins or you walk in the Maldives. This takes all attention away from the injection and the vaccination shot can be administered without any worries.

A Pico G2 4K is used for this application. These are so-called 3 DOF VR glasses. with This VR goggles, it is possible to play a 360 degree video. The person with wearing the VR glasses then has the feeling that he or she is in the middle of the virtual world.

3 DOF VR glasses are different from 6 DOF VR glasses. The biggest difference in these glasses is that you with 3 DOF VR glasses can only look at a screen statically. with with 6 DOF VR glasses it is possible to interact with to interact with the environment. A 3 DOF VR glasses are therefore often characterized by a pre-recorded video with a 360 degree camera, while your with 6 DOF VR glasses are more in a virtual environment (for example a video game ).

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Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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