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Ino-VR Shift Case Review

The Ino-VR Shift is the all-in-1 solution for PC and VR headset

To this day, most high-end VR headsets are still connected to a Computer and television screen. Not surprising, because a Computer naturally has a much more powerful graphics card than a Standalone Headset. The inconvenient thing is that every time you want to move the Headset to a different place, you have to move the Computer and the display as well. This is of course very inconvenient for mobile setups. with the Ino-VR Shift Mobile VR Suitcase this problem is being tackled bit by bit! The case is a All-In-One system that ensures that the HTC VIVE Pro can be used completely wireless and very mobile. Ideal for trade fairs and events, but also for business users who want to show their (virtual) products on location at the customer.

First impressions of the suitcase

The case initially consists of a converted VR Flight Case with with dimensions of 58 x 46 x 30 cm (lxwxh). The case has a standard handle, two wheels and a pull-out handle. This means that the case can also be used as a trolley. Very handy, because the case weighs, filled with hardware, easily about 15 to 20 kg. The hard outer material of the case can take a beating.

After opening the suitcase you will see the inner compartment of the suitcase. It contains a precisely tailored Computer and two empty compartments for the HTC VIVE Pro Headset and associated accessories, such as the link box, Controllers and base stations. The compartments are expertly and professionally cut to fit all devices precisely. The Computer is expertly concealed in the left part of the case. This takes up about a quarter of the entire trunk space. This is relatively little, especially when you consider what a powerful graphics card and cooler are inside the Computer! On the Computer there is an on/off button, 5 x USB 3.0 connection, 1 x Ethernet, 2 x HDMI and 1 x DisplayPort.

The case comes with with the HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter. The PCIe card is already built into the case of the Computer as standard, so that the HTC VIVE Pro headset can be used directly out-of-the-box.

Built-in touchscreen

What is immediately noticeable when you open the case for the first time is the touchscreen that is incorporated in the lid of the case. The screen has a size of 15 inches (34 cm) and looks small at first, but once you are busy you notice how handy and easy the screen in the lid actually is. There is a protective layer over the screen that prevents scratches or damage to the screen. This layer has no further effect on the operation of the touchscreen, so you can with touch the screen with with your fingers.

Convenient to use

The Ino-VR Shift Suitcase is the ultimate travel companion when you want to show Virtual Reality at a mobile location. Once you get used to the convenience of the All-In-One case, you don't really want to go back to the static setup of a wired Headset on a Computer.

As mentioned earlier, the Ino-VR Shift Mobile VR Case is ideal for use during trade fairs or events. The convenience of wireless in combination with the Computer and television in one place ensures a flawless demonstration of products. The same principle applies to business users who want to show 3D designs, drawings or otherwise virtual structures at a customer on location.

In addition to mobile VR use, the VR Case can also be used particularly well during training or research. The innovation agency of the police uses the Ino-VR Shift Suitcase (among other things), for example, to take to crime scenes. The mobility of the case allows them to use the Virtual Reality applications on location that they can otherwise only use in a specially set up room.


Dutch investigation agencies partly use the Ino-VR Shift Suitcase for the same purposes as the police; moving their own location to a mobile location of their choice. For research in Virtual Reality, participants often still have to come to a location, because the location is aligned with the VR devices (the Computer is already ready, the screen hangs on the wall, etc.). But with the Mobile VR Suitcase, as a research center you can easily move to another location, because you have everything you need in the suitcase!

The Ino-VR Shift Case (including HTC VIVE Pro or other HMD) is too order from Unbound VR. Any questions about this product? Please do not hesitate to contact with us!

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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