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The Best Way to use your VR Headset Corona-proof!

Especially during this time it is extra important to pay close attention to the hygienic actions you perform when you with are playing Virtual Reality glasses. We are therefore happy to give you a number of tips to ensure that you can always offer a hygienic solution for the use of your Virtual Reality headset!

Tip 1: Wash your hands as best you can

Wash your hands! All employees who allow people to try out VR products at conferences should carry hand gel/disinfectant with with a minimum of 60% alcohol. For themselves, but also to let users wash their hands before with using the devices. When facilities allow, washing hands with with hand soap and water for 20 seconds is preferred.

Tip 2: Replace the foam of the Headset and use a cleaning cloth

You also read it in this blog before this update; the standard foam material is not easy to clean and absorbs a lot of body moisture. Therefore, replace it with a rubber or leather version. You can clean these thoroughly with with cleaning wipes. You can do this with with an alcohol cleaning cloth, but make sure you don't accidentally wipe it over the lenses of your HMD.

Tip 3: Clean your equipment

This Tip seems self-explanatory, but people sometimes forget to clean everything. headsets are cleaned most often, but the Controllers are sometimes forgotten. That's link, because viruses can survive on surfaces for 4 to 5 days. Therefore, every time someone else starts using glasses, Controller or other accessories, clean the equipment thoroughly with with the aforementioned cleaning cloth. We also offer a disinfectant spray that prevents the transfer of bacteria and fungi.

Desinfecterende spray Virtual Reality Coronavirus

Check out our Disinfectant Spray for VR Glasses & Accessories!

Tip 4: Use a UV sterilizer

Do you really want to clean your VR glasses properly? Then put the VR glasses and any Controllers in a UV sterilizer, such as the UV Smart UV-C Steralizator . This device ensures that with removes all bacteria and other dirt from the Headset using UV light. When the Headset comes out of the device, you are sure to use the Headset with a relieved heart!

Tip 5: Train employees

Employees should be trained. They need to know how to deal with suspected infection with of the Coronavirus and local government guidelines. So not only knowing how to with hygiene, but also being able to recognize signals such as a high temperature and shortness of breath. They can then estimate whether it is a good idea at all for the visitor to enter VR, and whether there is an increased risk of infection.

Tip 6: Large gatherings of people are the most risky

We mentioned it before; large gatherings such as shows, fairs and conferences are the most risky. As an organization, always take the health and safety of employees into consideration for being present and in the measures if you choose to actually be present.

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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