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VR Games with SteamVR tracker support

Full-body tracking is a very cool experience, especially with these games!

With many Virtual Reality games you only use VR glasses and the Controllers. When you see in the virtual world, you only see your hands. And this is actually a shame, because a large part of your body is missing. By adding your body, Virtual Reality suddenly becomes a lot more realistic. You can do this by adding an HTC VIVE tracker 2.0 to your HTC VIVE or VIVE Pro set. But beware, not all games support full-body tracking. That is why we would like to give you some tips to get the best with full-body tracking experience!

Curious about which products you need for full body VR tracking? We would like to list the products for you below:

Island 359

This intense survival game from CloudGate Studios was already an excellent Early Access SteamVR game, with a huge island full of dinosaurs to explore, hunt and occasionally fear. Like most VR games, it with started with a pair of hands that could do anything, but when you looked down there was no body.

with With the addition of VIVE Tracker support, Island 359 has added a full virtual fitting room so you can build a custom body to fit your virtual hands. And because your with VIVE Trackers can track your entire body, you can move your arms and legs as you would in the real world and see that translated virtually. It matters a lot when it comes to really making you feel like part of the game, which in this case means that the fear of being eaten alive by a dinosaur increases dramatically!

Download Island 359


Full body action has been added to this ridiculous game as free DLC, making the game much more physical and infinitely more fun. Where originally you only had to worry about avoiding all flying objects with your head, full-body tracking makes you with dodge everything your whole body. This makes for the most hilarious moments in Virtual Reality.

Full-body tracking not only allows you to dodge extra things, you can now also use your feet to attack things. Schop een powershard terwijl je als Neo uit de Matrix in slow-motion objecten ontwijkt; je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken of je kunt het doen in deze game! 

Download Tornuffalo

Arizona Sunshine

If you have a VR headset and haven't played this game, then something is going wrong somewhere. It's a fantastic zombie shooter with great story and the developers have been constantly improving the experience from day one, which ultimately makes for a great gaming experience. But no matter how hard you try, no VR controller really feels like you're holding a real firearm. Fortunately for those who really want the most realistic gameplay, the VIVE tracker is here to help.

If you add a Hyper Blaster with an VIVE tracker to it, the combat in Arizona Sunshine feels much more realistic, which is a lot of fun. Plus, it's fun to toss your gun like a goofball and actually be able to catch it while wearing the Headset (just be careful not to drop it, of course).

Download Arizona Sunshine

Final Soccer VR

There are several games to play where in Virtual Reality you are the goalkeeper, but in Final Soccer VR you are actually the player for the first time. You can add VIVE Trackers to your feet, which ensures that you can kick in your physical environment and the ball flies into the goal in the virtual world.

This game was already great with things like the multiplayer mode versus other Vive players and even smartphone players, but adding VIVE Trackers to play physically makes everything that much better!

Download Final Soccer VR


It's weird, it's fun and it seems like everyone is doing it; with VRChat lets you jump in as whatever character you want to play and game with a bunch of other people. It's a simple social VR experience with a huge audience right now, and a great way to get yourself noticed in this experience right now is a set of VIVE Trackers.

Where everyone can only move their head and hands, VIVE Trackers give you full-body motion in VRChat. This makes you look much more interactive and you also feel much more fun.

Download VRChat

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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