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Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

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Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The Google Glass 2 is an advanced wearable device specifically designed to improve productivity and facilitate communication between employees. The device is designed to be worn like glasses, making it easy and comfortable to use during long working days.

with the Google Glass 2 allows employees to communicate hands-free, which is a great solution for hands-on work or in situations where the hands are occupied. The device is equipped with advanced speech recognition software, allowing employees to easily issue voice commands and quickly access relevant Information and tools. The Google Glass 2 has a built-in camera that can record and stream images, which is useful for sharing visual Information between employees. In addition, the device has a high-resolution display that shows Information and instructions clearly and in real time. This can, among other things, contribute to a faster and more efficient handling of tasks and processes.

The Google Glass 2 also has built-in GPS, making it possible to locate employees and track their location in real time. This can be useful for applications such as logistics, security or monitoring employees in high-risk environments. The device is easy to integrate into with existing business systems and can be programmed to perform specific tasks. This allows the device to be used, for example, to process incoming orders, monitor stock levels or keep track of task lists.

with are advanced functions, hands-free operation and comfortable design, is the Google Glass 2 an ideal solution for companies looking for ways to improve productivity, optimize communication between employees and improve safety in the workplace.

Pros and cons
  • Improved productivity: with the Google Glass 2 allows employees to work hands-free and quickly access relevant Information and tools. This can increase productivity and improve efficiency.
  • Improved communication: The Google Glass 2 makes it easy to communicate with with other employees, even if they are in different locations. The device can also assist with visual Information sharing and employee location.
  • Integration with existing systems: The Google Glass 2 easily integrates with existing business systems, making it a useful tool for specific tasks and processes.
  • Comfortable design: The design of the Google Glass 2 is comfortable to wear during long work days, making it a practical tool for employees who spend a lot of time on their feet or have their hands busy.
  • Limited Applications: The Google Glass 2 is currently only suitable for certain tasks and processes, and cannot be used as a complete replacement for traditional Computers or mobile devices.
  • Limited battery life: The battery life of the Google Glass 2 is limited, which means that the device needs to be charged regularly to keep working at its best.
What's in the box
  • 1 x Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Pod
  • 1 x Titanium strap
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Additional Information

EAN 0738759639492
Brand Google
Model Enterprise Edition 2 Developer Kit Bundel (Pod + Frame)
Device type Standalone AR
Platform Android
Lens type Prism
IPD n.v.t.
Passthrough n.v.t.
Screen type LCoS screen
Resolution 640 x 360 pixels per eye
Refresh rate n.v.t.
Field of View (FOV) 80 degrees
tracking method Non-positional (3 DOF)
Eye tracking No.
Facetracking No.
Hand tracking No.
Controllers No
Loudspeaker Mono
Microphone Yes
Connectivity USB Type-C
Operating system Android 8.1 Oreo
chipset Snapdragon XR1
CPU Octa-core Kryo (2 x 2.52 GHz, 6 x 1.7 GHz)
GPU Adreno 615
Memory 3 GB
Storage 32GB
Battery 800mAh
Name Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
Weight (kg) 0.0510
Product Videos
  • Glass Enterprise Edition 2: A hands-free device for smarter and faster hands-on work
Product reviews
5 van 5
2 reviews
  1. As published on skarredghost.com

    The Glass 2 is certainly a big evolution over the first Model, and it works quite well: the glasses are light and comfortable, the materials are solid, the user interface is good (swiping without relying on voice commands is very useful).
    I'd say they're decent smart glasses: if you need it for applications where you don't have to constantly look at the screen, such as scanning barcodes to put certain items in a database, then the Glass is a great solution.
    Comfort and also for the eyes is a subjective experience. I found it quite tiring after a few hours, but that may not be the case for everyone. Otherwise, I'd recommend borrowing them for a few days and testing how good they feel to your eyes before deciding whether to buy them or not.

    By skarredghostposted on 12/05/2022
  2. Google Glasses

    Nice price-quality ratio. Recommended to everyone. Nice sound too.

    By Matthijsposted on 06/12/2021

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