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XR Refresh

Always the latest XR equipment, at a fixed price per month.

The developments in the field of Extended Reality are moving at lightning speed. Both in hardware and software, new functionalities are constantly being developed that your organization wants to use. We understand that you may have doubts about your investment in XR equipment if it could be obsolete in a year. That is why, in collaboration with with, we are introducing our partner ProfLease: XR Refresh. For a fixed price per month, your organization always has the latest XR hardware. You even have the option to change the hardware during the term if, for example, a newer model comes on the market.

That's why we introduce our partner in collaboration with ProfLease: XR Refresh. For a fixed low monthly fee, your organization always has the latest XR equipment!

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Why XRR Refresh?

Always up to date

with XR Refresh your organization always has the latest XR equipment, at a fixed price per month. During the term you also have the flexibility to break open the agreement and replace old XR equipment with new or expand*. Ideal when a newer model comes on the market in the meantime.

Competitive monthly rate

With XR Refresh you choose the desired duration yourself and you pay a fraction of the investment amount each month for the use of the equipment. We estimate in advance the market value of the equipment at the end of the term and deduct this spread from the monthly amount. In many cases you pay less at the bottom of the line than in the case of purchase.

Fully circular

As soon as used VR equipment no longer meets your requirements, we will collect it and prepare it for reuse in line with with the circular economy.

Always working equipment

Do you always want to be assured of properly functioning equipment during the agreement? Then you have the option of taking out insurance in addition to the standard factory warranty.

How does XR Refresh work?

1. Select the desired equipment and request a quote for VR Refresh;

2. After a positive financial assessment, you agree to the quotation and you will receive the agreement from us;

3. After signing the agreement, we confirm Unbound VR that the equipment can be delivered;

4. You can then use the equipment and you have the option to (interim) renew or expand equipment so that you always have the latest equipment.

All the benefits of XR Refresh at a glance

  • Always access to the latest VR equipment;
  • No high upfront investment costs;
  • Competitive monthly rate, often cheaper than buying;
  • Contribute to the circular economy;
  • Not bound by tax depreciation periods;
  • No economic obsolescence risk;
  • Investing without a budget;
  • Get access to an asset management tool;
  • Fixed operating costs without peak investments;
  • Conservation of working capital;
  • Pay VAT in installments;
  • From CAPEX to OPEX;
  • Always have access to equipment that is always working thanks to supplementary insurance.

Frequently asked questions about VR Refresh

  • Do I have to conclude a new agreement for each order?

    No that is not necessary. ProfLease supports a number of facets of the VR equipment lifecycle, starting with supporting the purchase. For example, we can set up a pre-financing facility for you. This means that we pay all invoices to Unbound VR on your behalf and collect them until everything has been delivered or the term of the pre-financing facility has expired. Then the agreement starts. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

  • What durations are possible?

    That depends on the type and economic life of the equipment. Typical terms for VR hardware are 24 months and 36 months.

  • From what investment amount is VR Refresh possible?

    VR Refresh is possible from a total investment amount of € 10,000 excluding VAT. Inquire about the possibilities.

  • Is the required software also included in the monthly price with VR Refresh?

    In principle, the software is not included. If necessary, this can be included in the monthly price, but this can then be a maximum of 30% of the total investment amount.

  • When can I use the interim renewal option?

    Interim renewal or expansion is possible if the new investment amount is €50,000 excluding VAT. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

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Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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