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Board Thoughts with the NextMind Dev Kit

Mind control, or directing with thoughts, is something we encounter a lot in movies and series. But with the NextMind Dev Kit turns out this is closer to the real world than we thought! The company behind the NextMind Development Kit, NextMind, has already won two innovation awards at CES2020, including "Best of Innovation in VR & AR" and as an Honoree in "Weareable Technologies". We explain in this blog how the NextMind works exactly.

How does the NextMind Dev Kit work?

The NextMind Dev Kit is currently only available to developers who want to get started with neuro-/mind control. The NextMind sensor is a small sensor that you stick to the back of the head. This can be done with with a separate headband, but the sensor can also be easily attached to virtual reality glasses, such as Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive Pro.

The NextMind sensor uses artificial intelligence to translate signals from the brain and send them to the Computer. For example, you can look at an image, for example a smart lamp or a game you are playing, and the NextMind sensor can "click" this with in your brain for you. The image you are looking at is projected onto your visual cortex (at the back of the brain). with this part of your brain is in Contact with the NextMind and can follow this movement via certain waves. Focus then click long enough on the item you want to click and the NextMind software ensures that this actually happens.

According to the company, you can program everything from no-code applications, which only take a few minutes to build, to advanced AR and VR experiences. The NextMind development kit includes the sensor, an adjustable headband, the AI algorithms and additional resources such as tutorials, demo apps and games. The development kit of NextMind is compatible with a wide variety of digital platforms, including macOS, Windows 10, Oculus, HTC Vive and Hololens.

Who can use the NextMind Dev Kit?

The NextMind sensor can be purchased by anyone, but due to its applicability it is intended for developers who want to implement the product with in their own software. There are no native-supported games or applications available yet, making the NextMind Dev Kit unsuitable for Consumers or new VR users. Experience with virtual reality programming is therefore required.

When will the NextMind Dev Kit be available?

The NextMind Dev Kit is currently available on request only. Want to know more about delivery times? Then take Contact on with Unbound VR and we will place an application for you!

NextMind Dev Kit
Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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