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Top 5 Assisted Reality (AR) Glasses of 2022

Assisted Reality (AR) literally means assisted reality. It is an addition to reality. This is different from Virtual Reality (VR). With virtual reality you replace reality with with a virtual world, but with Assisted Reality you supplement the real world with Information. And this is also slightly different from Augmented Reality (also abbreviated to AR). With Augmented Reality you add something to the real world, for example an image or hologram of someone. Assisted Reality is actually more focused on sharing Information. For example, assisted reality glasses often have a high-quality built-in camera with which someone else can watch with work remotely. In this blog we will list the best Assisted Reality glasses.

Tip: It can sometimes be very difficult to choose the right Assisted Reality glasses. So please contact with our Digital Tech Specialist to discuss your wishes! This way we can immediately make the right recommendation for the right AR glasses and possibly the software to be used.

RealWear Navigator 500

The RealWear Navigator 500 is characterized by its particularly high resolution camera. with With a resolution of no less than 48 megapixels, it is possible to take high-quality photos, film up to 1080p at 60 fps and zoom in without much loss of quality. In addition, the RealWear Navigator 500 has an IP66 certification, which makes the glasses suitable for use in (heavy) industrial environments. The Navigator 500 also has a very well-functioning voice control. This makes it possible to use the AR glasses 100% hands-free. This is with especially useful when the user is busy in the work field and does not have his hands free for a while.

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RealWear Navigator 500

Vuzix M400

The Vuzix M400 is a particularly lightweight Assisted Reality headset. with Weighing only 190 grams, this is one of the lightest glasses on the market. This only benefits the wearing comfort. The Vuzix M400 is easy to wear for extended periods of time. The built-in camera makes it possible to film up to 4K quality and take 12.8 MP photos. The Vuzix M400 runs on Android 8.1. This has the advantage that it is relatively easy to install applications (APK files) on the glasses yourself. In addition, Vuzix has a complete library where many standard applications can be downloaded.

Did you know that the Vuzix M400 can also be ordered in a complete ready-to-use package? Click here to go to the Gemvision Ready to Go Field Kit to go.

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Vuzix M400

Microsoft Hololens 2

The Microsoft Hololens 2 is essentially an Augmented/Mixed Reality headset, but it also has the qualities that make an Assisted Reality headset good. For example, Microsoft's software makes it quite easy to get started with Remote Assist. In addition to the possibilities of Assisted Reality, it is with the Hololens 2 also possible to get started with more with Augmented and Mixed Reality. For example, the Hololens 2 has a depth camera that makes it possible to scan the entire 3D space of a room. This makes it possible to realistically load a hologram or 3D images into space.

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Microsoft Hololens 2

Google Glass 2

The Google Glass 2 a smart, lightweight assisted reality glasses. The frame is made of titanium, which ensures that it is comfortable to wear and can take a beating. with the built-in Google Glass screen, it is possible for the user to get Information service in a non-disruptive way. This screen makes it possible, for example, to pass on instructions to the user from a distance. The Google Glass 2 can be operated via a button on the side, but can also be controlled via voice command. Please note that the Google Glass 2 is a development kit. This means that there are few to no standard applications for AR glasses. It is therefore advisable to first contact with a software developer (or one of our specialists) for purchasing Google Glass 2 glasses.

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Google Glass 2


Iristick's Assisted Reality glasses have been specially developed for use in professional environments. The Iristick.H1 are hands-free Assisted Reality glasses which have a dual camera setup. This makes it possible to film and take photos in portrait mode. Unlike many other Assisted Reality glasses, the Iristick.H1 with also allows you to film the hands and part of the environment. This allows the complete field of view to be visualized. This is useful when someone else is watching remotely, for example at a specific installation.

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