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The KAT WALK Mini is a compact version of the original KAT WALK. The small design ensures that the KAT VR Walk Mini fits in almost all rooms and is therefore easy to carry. Different from the original is the way you are stuck in the treadmill; Instead of a harness that falls from the top down, the KAT VR Walk Mini has a harness that supports your back. This gives you more support in your back, but the unique free feeling in comparison with with the standard KAT WALK is somewhat limited.

  • Walk, run, bend, kick and make other natural movements in a natural way;
  • The platform is a lot smaller than the original, so you need even less space (also in height);
  • Viewing and walking direction are disconnected from each other, so that you can look in a different direction than you are walking;
  • The platform and armor ensure that you can offer players a safe experience without the risk of falling;
  • The unique way of tracking ensures that the VR game follows the correct speed of the feet;
  • Compatible with all VR games that use loco motion, e.g. Arizona Sunshine and Fallout VR.

Pros and cons
  • Extra support thanks to the new design.
  • Solid system, can take a beating.
  • Very suitable for mobile use and VR arcade halls.
  • Possibility to supply a PC cabinet.
  • Less freedom of movement than the original.
  • It is not possible to walk sideways.
  • with KAT VR you can move less actively than for example with a Virtuix Omni.
What's in the box
  • 1 x KatVR Kat Walk Mini
  • 1 x KatVR Cat Walk Harness
  • 1 pair of KatVR Kat Walk shoes
  • All necessary sensors
  • Extra shoes can be ordered
  • HMD, game Controller, and PC are not included

Additional Information

Product Codes

EAN 7141042589252
Brand KAT VR
Model CAT WALK Mini


Name (EOL) CAT WALK Mini
Weight (kg) 0.4000
Product Videos
  • Kat Walk Original
  • Kat Walk Mini
  • Kat Walk Premium
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