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HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter Full Pack

The HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter Full Pack provides a wireless solution for the HTC VIVE Pro and VIVE Pro 2 VR headsets. This complete bundle includes the wireless adapter, a quick charge power bank, PCIe card and mounting hardware for both the HTC VIVE Pro and the VIVE Pro 2.

with the HTC VIVE Pro Wireless Adapter allows you to replace the cables of your HTC VIVE Pro or VIVE Pro 2 without loss of speed or connection. The adapter is easy to install and offers an ideal solution for VR users who want to enjoy their VR glasses powered by the Computer wirelessly. In the Full Pack you will find everything you need to connect the VIVE Wireless Adapter to the HTC VIVE Pro and/or VIVE Pro Eye. *Note: if you want to use the VIVE Wireless Adapter in combination with with the VIVE Cosmos or VIVE Cosmos Elite, a separate mounting kit is required . The VIVE Wireless Adapter can also be connected to the original HTC VIVE, but for this you need a (short) 3-in-1 cable (note: this is not included as standard).

with with a wireless adapter you can run up to 3 headsets wirelessly in a room of 6x6 meters (with 2 base stations) or a room of up to 10x10 meters (with 4 base stations 2.0). The wireless adapter comes with with a powerful 10,050 mAh power bank, which lasts 2.5 hours fully charged. Please note: the VIVE Wireless Adapter comes with with a PCIe card that must be inserted into the PC. Make sure you have an empty slot in your PC available for the Installatie.

Pros and cons
  • In the VIVE Wireless Adapter Full Pack you will find everything you need to use your HTC VIVE Pro completely wirelessly.
  • The HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter connects makes a particularly fast connection with to your PC, making setting up very easy.
  • with With the Wireless Adapter you will not suffer from latency issues or other forms of delay.
  • The mounting set is only suitable for HTC VIVE Pro. For HTC VIVE Cosmos or original HTC VIVE you need a different confirmation.
  • Because of the wireless link box / camera, the VIVE Wireless Adapter on the Headset must always be within sight of your Computer.
What's in the box
  • 1 x HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter
  • 1 x HTC VIVE QuickCharge Power Bank
  • 1 x PCIe card
  • 1 x VIVE Pro mounting kit
  • 1 x VIVE Pro HMD cable

Additional Information

Product Codes

SKU 99HANN051-00
EAN 4718487716388


Weight (kg) 0.0000
Outside dimensions 200 x 96 x 40 mm
Color Black
Charging method No.
Type of power connection No.


Name HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter Full Pack
Suitable for type Headset HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Cosmos, HTC VIVE Pro (Eye), HTC VIVE Pro 2
Product Videos
  • Installing the wireless adapter
  • HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter Review - Freedom is Wireless
  • VIVE Wireless Adapter Review - A Wireless Future For VR
Product reviews
4.7 van 5
3 reviews
  1. Cannot go back to wired

    Works perfectly even with a ryzen 300 cpu. No lag to be detected. Use it in combination with the original htc Vive.

    By Thomasposted on 18/12/2020
  2. Freedom is wireless and freedom is expensive.

    The wireless adapter is a very good product in my opinion. It's a step towards a Generation 2 VR-HMD. With moving games such as Onward the profit is the greatest, but even with cockpit games it is nice that you no longer have to think about a wire. On the other hand, you pay the main price for it at HTC. Also, you need to get started in your computer case, so computer building skills are required to do it yourself. On my midrange Computer the adapter already runs perfectly. My parts relevant to the adapter are: MB: Asus P9X79 Deluxe (PCIe 3.0 is required!) CPU: Intel i7 3990k GPU: Geforce GTX 1070

    By Gert-Janposted on 18/12/2020
  3. No description, you have to experience it.

    A very nice product, recommended for every gamer. I enjoy this product, not a description but a collision. I don't regret it, and it is really worth the money.

    By Valentineposted on 18/12/2020

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