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(EOL) HP Reverb G2 V2 zonder Controllers

The HP Reverb G2 V2 is one of the most popular PC VR Glasses at the moment. And not entirely without reason. The HP Reverb G2 has an image resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye. This is an extremely high resolution, which ensures that images can be displayed in great detail. Many users therefore also use the HP Reverb G2 in games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and Assetto Corsa, in order to have the most realistic experience possible.

The HP Reverb G2 has a comfortable headband with soft padding at the back. The Headset sits firmly on the head, and the light weight allows you to wear the glasses comfortably for long periods of time. The interface of the Headset can be disconnected magnetically and you can with simply wipe it clean with a cloth.

The HP Reverb G2 has 4 built-in tracking cameras that can accurately track the Headset and the Controllers in a room. It is therefore not necessary to hang external sensors on the wall. The glasses come standard with Controllers but are also available without Controllers, for example if you want to use the Headset with with a steering wheel or joystick. Please pay attention to which version you order when ordering.

The Headset connect your with a cable to the Computer. The Headset comes standard with a 6 meter cable. This cable runs to the PC. For this you need to have a USB-C and DisplayPort 1.3 (or higher) connection available. In addition, a power adapter must be plugged into the socket to supply the Headset with power.

Pros and cons
  • The HP Reverb G2 has an extremely high resolution (2160 x 2160 pixels per eye) so that games and applications are displayed particularly sharply.
  • The Headset has a comfortable design and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time due to its light weight.
  • HP has recently updated the tracking and the cable that comes with with the Headset. This is the latest version of the HP Reverb G2.
  • The HP Reverb G2 is a Mixed Reality Headset. This means you can easily switch between windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR.
  • Do you already own HP Reverb G1 controllers? Then you can also use this Controllers for the G2.
  • A PC VR Headset you should always with connect a cable to the Computer. It is not possible to use the Headset wirelessly.
  • There is no dial on the back of the goggles to tighten the headband.
  • Due to the high resolution, a powerful graphics card is recommended.
What's in the box
  • 1 x HP Reverb G2 Headset
  • 1 x Headset cable (6 meters)
  • 1 x DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort adapter
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Additional Information

Product Codes

EAN 195122433055
Brand HP
Model Reverb G2 (without controllers)


Device type PC VR


Field of View (FOV) 98 degrees
Refresh rate 90 Hz
Resolution 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye


IPD range (Eye distance) 60 - 68mm (hardware adjustable)


Eye tracking No.
Facetracking No.
Hand tracking No.


Controllers No


Built-in speaker Yes
Microphone Yes


Name (EOL) HP Reverb G2 V2 without Controllers
Weight (kg) 0.5500
Product Videos
  • The BEST LOOKING VR Headset on a BUDGET - Reverb G2 V2 Review
  • HP Reverb G2 (Late 2021) Improved Tracking and FOV Review
Product reviews
4.5 van 5
4 reviews
  1. HP Reverb G2 incl controllers

    Great replacement for my Oculus Rift, SDE is hardly noticeable anymore, you really have to make an effort to see it, the resolution is really very good, the FOV is about the same as the Oculus, but because of the sharp image you notice this less.
    What is less, if you have an X570 motherboard you have to make a little more effort as mentioned to connect the Reverb, I was well prepared and bought a USB 3.0 PCI Express Add-on card before, I should have installed it sooner because that would have saved quite a bit of time, so highly recommended.

    By Willemposted on 30/04/2021
  2. The detail in the Headset is amazing.

    The detail in the Headset is amazing. No more problems with the screen-door effect at all. FOV is not great, but good enough. I had to find the right USB connection and play with settings to get it so it wouldn't crash often. But once I got everything set up and configured it worked perfectly. The graphics are top class. Playing Half Life Alyx is the best gaming experience I've ever had, and I've been a big gamer since the 1990s. Despite many claims about poor hand tracking, my experience is fine. VR Ping Pong plays really well. There's a community site with all the tips and tricks you need, like which batteries to use and how to avoid crashes (https://reverb.danol.cz/troubleshooting/).
    My PC: Ryzen 5600x, RTX 3070 FE, 16 Gb 3600/16 CL Ram. I highly recommend this Headset a high end PC. VR in high graphics is a game changer.

    By Markposted on 06/04/2021
  3. Very happy with the HP Reverb G2

    I'm happy with this Headset, although I still haven't configured all the applications I'll use with it to get the best performance. This Headset requires a powerful PC and GPU. I'm using an i7 8700K CPU and GTX 1080 GPU and it's struggling so I've had to lower the graphics settings in all the apps I've tried to create a comfortable viewing experience. There is still work for me to do in that regard, so if you don't have state of the art hardware, then just be prepared to spend a fair amount of time configuring things to get decent performance. There are small problems, like the cable clip that won't stay in place (I'm using a velcro tape instead), and there is no in and out adjustment to get your eyes closer to the screens, but the one thing i'm REALLY unhappy about, is the little "sweet spot", meaning the image gets very blurry with the slightest bit of looking left or right. This really hurts the immersion and is the main reason I returned the original Reverb I bought. This one is slightly better, but still unacceptable. I have not tried any other headsets other than the Oculus DK2 (developer kit), which does not have this problem. But resolution is key to me, as is price, and I can't imagine getting a better Headset for the money. I don't use the Controllers much. They seem fine to me, but I have nothing to compare them to. Briefly: overall it's worth the price with great resolution, comfort once properly adjusted, great sound and decent Controllers; but be warned that the "sweet spot" and blurriness when looking left or right ruins the immersion and requires constant adjustment of the Headset. Overall still worth the price.

    By Anonymousposted on 06/04/2021
  4. Good upgrade from the original HTC VIVE

    I bought the HP Reverb G2 as an upgrade for my original HTC VIVE which has been heavily used for the past 4 years. It was immediately clear that the G2 is more comfortable and has an exponentially higher resolution. The Controllers took some getting used to, but the ease of tracking inside out makes moving from room to room much easier to manage. Tracking is rarely a problem, but a few (mostly older) games and programs don't translate the controls very well and require manual mapping.
    Windows Mixed Reality adds an extra layer of functionality, but I spend most of my time in SteamVR, where the G2 still works perfectly. I was concerned that the open air audio was too loud for evening use, but I was impressed with the sound quality and the surprisingly low amount of audio that "leaked", causing my relatives near my VR setup to be a nuisance. Another small problem is that the Headset remains "warm" (temperature) even when not in use. It seems the only way to fix this is to unplug the USB cable when not in use.
    One last thing to note is the hardware requirements: you'll need a significant setup to get the most out of this Headset. I was lucky enough to upgrade to 30X0 graphics late last year, before inventory became impossible. I tried to use the G2 on my older 1080ti rig and the frame rate at full resolution sometimes faltered. As the current generation of hardware becomes more available, this becomes less of a concern. Overall I am very happy with this Headset. I used my VIVE quite often, but the Headset's weight and limited resolution limited how long I could wear it. The G2 doesn't have any of these issues, so I find myself spending a lot longer in each VR session.

    By duaneposted on 06/04/2021

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