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The Best Accessories for Meta Quest 2

with you get the most out of your Meta Quest 2 VR glasses with the right accessories. But which accessory do you really need? From a headband that makes the VR glasses more comfortable, to a charging station where you can conveniently store and charge the VR glasses and Controllers. There is now a handy accessory for everything. In this blog we list our accessories for the Meta Quest 2, so that you can immediately see in an overview what is useful for you to use!

1. Elite Strap

Perhaps the most famous accessory for the Quest 2 is the Elite Strap. But did you know that there are different types of Elite Strap? The most famous Elite Strap is the one from Oculus itself. This band replaces the soft elastic that is standard on the VR glasses. At the back of the Elite Strap is a round cushion and you will find a rotary knob. with this rotary knob allows you to adjust the headband, making it a lot more comfortable than with the standard elastic bands.

Alternatively, there are the Elite Straps from BoboVR and from KIWI design. The BoboVR M2 Elite Strap is characterized by placing a wide face pillow against the forehead. As a result, the weight of the VR glasses is better distributed overall, so that you experience less pressure against the eyes. The BoboVR Elite Strap is available with and without battery. The handy thing about the with battery variant is that it is 'hot-swappable'. This means that you can simply disconnect the battery without the VR glasses falling out. Ideal when you want to play for longer periods in a row, or, for example, use the VR glasses at a trade fair or event.

KIWI design Elite Strap

2. Oculus Link cable

The Meta Quest 2 is essentially a Standalone VR pair of glasses, but did you know that you can also wire them to a Computer? This allows you to use the graphical power of your PC, which suddenly opens up a whole world of new VR games. Connecting your Quest 2 VR glasses with to a Computer is called Oculus Link. It is recommended to use a slightly longer cable (5 meters) for this so that you still have enough room to move around freely.

Tip: To use Oculus Link, you need Computer to have certain specifications. Look here whether your PC meets this requirement.

AMVR Oculus Link kabel

3. Charging station

If there's one thing that's annoying, it's that you're having a good time playing and your VR glasses fall out because your batteries are empty. Therefore, use a VR charging station to charge your VR glasses! In addition to charging, it also looks neat to store your VR glasses on the go. A VR charging station is available in different variants. For example, you can use one to charge only your Quest 2 VR glasses, but it is also possible to directly charge (the batteries of) your Controllers.

Anker Charging Dock

4. Face Replacement Set

You can replace the original mask that is on the Meta Quest 2 VR goggles, for example with something that is softer, thicker or made of a different material. A soft face cushion ensures that the VR glasses sit more comfortably against the face. A thin face pillow can make sure that your with eyes are closer to the lenses (and therefore closer to the action), whereas, for example, a thick face pillow can be useful when you want to fit with glasses under the VR glasses.

In addition, you can also consider a different face pillow if you have an allergic reaction to the foam of the VR glasses. For example, you can also pull a silicone mask over the face cushion so that the foam does not come into direct contact with your face.

VR Cover Gezichtsinterface Set

5. Travel Case

If you want to take or store your Quest 2 VR glasses, it is useful to do this in a Travel Case or storage case. But when you use your VR glasses with and an accessory such as the Elite Strap, it is important that you make sure that the accessory also fits in the Travel Case. There are a number of different travel cases available that fit with the different shapes of the Elite straps.

BoboVR Travel Case

6. Power bank or extra battery

Connect an extra power bank or battery to your Quest 2 VR glasses to be able to play longer. You can use a standard external power bank for this, but special power banks have also been made for the Quest 2 VR glasses. You can place these power banks on the back of the Quest 2 VR glasses and are nicely integrated in the headband. The advantage of placing a power bank on the back of the VR glasses is that it gives a kind of 'counter-weight' to the VR glasses. This way you feel less heaviness and pressure at the front of the glasses, but this is better distributed over the middle of the VR glasses.

Rebuff VR Power 2

7. Controller Protection

Besides protecting your VR glasses, of course you don't want your Controllers to break. For example, when you are playing a game of Beat Saber too fanatically, it can happen that you accidentally hit the wall or ceiling. Therefore, protect your Controllers with a firm Controller grip. Besides protecting your Controller, the grips also make them feel better in your hands. For example, a silicone cover ensures that the Controller feels less smooth, and therefore slips out of your hands less quickly.

KIWI design Controller Grips

8. Lens Protection Rings

Especially when you're playing with wearing glasses, you don't want the sharp corners of your glasses hitting the lenses. This can cause scratches and smudges on the lenses. with you actually put the lens rings on a kind of wall around the lenses. This wall ensures that the sides of your glasses do not touch the lenses. The lens rings are also very convenient to use in an environment where you put the VR glasses with on different people. In addition, some lens rings also come in a nice color, so you can also use the rings to highlight or give your Quest 2 VR glasses or to give them a different look.

AMVR Lens Ringen

9. VR Headset Standard

Finally, a handy accessory if you want to neatly store your VR glasses. You can use a VR Headset Stand to put your VR glasses on and display them nicely in the room, for example. A VR Headset Standard is not necessarily only with and Quest 2 VR glasses to be used, but can often be used universally with other VR glasses become. However, a VR Headset Standard can, for example, have space for Controllers. In that case it is a VR Headset Stand that is especially suitable for the Quest 2 VR glasses.

Asterion VR Headset Standaard with LED

10. Headphones or earbuds

Good sound is essential for a good gaming experience. From the Quest 2 VR glasses, sound already comes out of the sides of the VR glasses by default, but by adding external headphones or earplugs you can determine the side of the sound much better. For example, are you playing a game that requires you to sneak around in the dark? Then you also want to hear it when someone just walks behind you. The Quest 2 VR glasses have a standard 3.5 mm audio jack with which you can basically connect any headphones or earphones. But the best thing is when you use headphones with a somewhat shorter cable, so that you don't accidentally get with your Controllers tangled in the cable.

Logitech PRO Gaming Koptelefoon
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