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Are you looking for products from the brand bhaptics, such as a TactSuit for example? On this page you will find all the products we offer from this brand. with the haptic suit brings your body to virtual reality. with this vest with multiple haptic feedback points that respond to what's happening in the game makes your virtual experience feel more realistic than ever before. In addition to the bhaptics TactSuit, we also sell other haptic products from this brand, such as shoes, arm sleeves and gloves. Combine all haptic products to complete the TactSuit. View our complete range on this page!

A brand new experience with the bhaptics TactSuit

Take your VR experience to the next level with with a haptic vest, also called a haptic suit, from bhaptics. A haptic suit is a vest that has multiple tactile haptic feedback points. Thanks to these feedback points that can vibrate individually, your VR experience becomes even more realistic. For example, the suit can give feedback in the form of vibrations when you are shot at in a VR game or when an explosive goes off nearby. The haptic vest is available with 16 ERM motors (X16) or with 40 ERM motors (X40). Both bhaptics tact suits can be connected to almost all devices via Bluetooth or audio cable.

bhaptics TactSuit X40 with no less than 40 ERM engines

Want to get the most out of your VR experience? with the bhaptics X40 haptic suit with no fewer than 40 ERM motors, you can feel the vibrations all over your body. Because there are more haptic feedback points in the vest than with the X16, the tactile feedback can be delivered extremely accurately. Are you hit by a bullet just above your left chest in-game? Then you will also feel the vibration right there. Is the enemy grabbing you from behind? The haptic feedback points will let you know it's time to hit back.

The haptic suits from bhaptics don't just add an extra dimension to shooting games. You can use the vests for many different types of games. For example, take an exciting ride on a roller coaster. Feel the G-forces pressing on your body, while you're actually just sitting at home on the couch. Do you have a smaller budget, but do you want to make your VR experience more realistic through tactile feedback? Then the bhaptics TactSuit X16 is a nice entry-level model.

Our range of bhaptics products

Within our range bhaptics you will find two types of vests: one with with 18 ERM motors and one with with no less than 40 ERM motors, for even more precise tactical feedback. We also sell haptic shoes, arm sleeves and gloves that you can connect to your TactSuit. This way you can also feel vibrations in your feet, arms and hands. Throw out your rod and feel in your arms how the fish tries to escape as you reel it in. For a comfortable and hygienic use of your haptic suit, we recommend using the mesh lining products that you can also order from us via this page.

Order your bhaptics products as a complete package

The bhaptics products can also be ordered from us as a complete package. You can put together this package yourself on the product page. First choose from the bhaptics tact suits X16 and X40. You can then select the desired accessories, such as arm sleeves, shoes and gloves. Do you also want to feel the vibrations on your head? Then it is also possible to order a bhaptics Tactal for the face. You attach this to your VR Glasses. Depending on the brand and Model VR Glasses you use, choose the standard or wide version. Please note: the bhaptics face tactals are EOL (end-of-life) products. This means that they are no longer actively supported by bhaptics.

bhaptics Player and TactSuit compatible VR games

The TactSuit is the only haptic suit to date that has been integrated into VR games. bhaptics products are compatible with with a wide range of different VR games and other VR experiences. On the brand's website you will find a list with TactSuit compatible VR games. From shooting games to racing games and from roller coaster simulators to very relaxed games; the haptic vests and other products from bhaptics offer various options. For each game or application it is indicated on which platform it is offered (Steam, Quest and/or Rift). You can also read here which bhaptics products are supported by the game or application. Download the bhaptics Player to connect devices with together.

More Information or questions about bhaptics products?

Would you like to receive some more Information or advice or do you have any questions about the bhaptics products that we offer in our webshop? Please do not hesitate to contact with us. enter your information via our form so that we can contact with you. We are happy to help you in your search for the ultimate VR experience! Unbound XR - The XR Expert of Europe, with the largest range of XR glasses and accessories.

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