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10 ways to use virtual reality (VR) at school

Many people immediately think of gaming when it comes to virtual reality. But there is so much more to do in the virtual world than just play games! Virtual reality makes it possible, among other things, to travel to different places, live in a different time and see special things up close. And all this within the convenience of the classroom.

Virtual reality learning, as educational VR applications are called, seems to have a promising future in schools and universities. Learning through the latest virtual reality technology ensures that children and students are no longer dull and 'old-fashioned' in the books, but are again stimulated to learn in a new way.

In this blog we would therefore like to give you a few useful tips and suggestions for using virtual reality at your school. Do you have questions or do you want to know more? Then you can always contact us with!

1. How do you travel to other places in virtual reality?

Virtual reality makes it possible, without any limits, to go to places all over the world. Take a virtual tour of the Taj Mahal, get a closer look at the Mona Lisa or fly over Niagara Falls. In fact, virtual reality makes it possible to travel even outside the world. Discover the space as if you were there yourself. And all that from the classroom with wearing VR glasses.

Recommended VR apps: Google Earth VR, Wander.

2. How can you develop empathy with using virtual reality?

Especially for children it can be interesting to see through someone else's eyes. Because what is it like to grow up as a young person on the plains of Africa? Without any form of luxury or comfort. Chris Milk, director of VR films, has given an interesting TEDxTalk about this in which he comes to special insights. View the video.

Recommended VR apps: Moovd, Youtube VR, Traveling While Black (video).

3. Can you try with virtual reality different professions?

with virtual reality you can watch with other professions. This can help children or students with choose the field of work they want to focus on later. In this video you can, for example, watch with a number of surgeons during an operation.

Recommended VR apps: Youtube VR, Surgeon Simulator VR, Osso VR.

4. How can you bring with virtual reality to the ocean or to the universe?

Children have a natural urge to discover new things. with especially the infinity of the universe and the mysterious depths of the ocean appeal to the imagination. with With virtual reality glasses you can explore the depths of the ocean or the universe without a rocket or submarine.

Recommended VR apps: Youtube VR, theBlu, International Space Station Tour VR.

5. How do you travel to another time or continent in virtual reality?

Important moments in world history can be experienced through virtual reality. For example, think of the speech "I Have A Dreamby Martin Luther King, or Neil Armstrong's First Steps on the Moon. Door dit in virtual reality mee te maken wordt de Information - en ervaring - veel beter onthouden dan wanneer kinderen hierover in een boek lezen. 

Recommended VR apps: Youtube VR, Anne Frank House VR.

6. How do you combine virtual reality with anatomy?

Anatomy takes on a whole new dimension with virtual reality. Instead of learning from a book, you can literally dive with virtual reality into the body and see it up close. with certain applications allow you to view realistic images of the body and zoom in to the tissue, while other applications offer a fun learning experience by playing a game in the human body.

Recommended VR apps: 3D Irganon VR Anatomy, Anatomyou VR.

7. How do you motivate students to work in with virtual reality?

If students start with developing VR software at a young age, it can have a positive effect on their field of work later on. As the saying goes: "learned young is done old† Therefore, encourage students to get started with virtual reality and experiment.

Recommended VR apps: Unity VR, Android SDK, Cardboard Unity SDK.

8. How do large companies use virtual reality?

Virtual reality is not only used for playing video games. Together with students investigate how virtual reality is used and in which surprising ways virtual reality can still be applied in the future. Perhaps one of the students has a world idea for virtual reality that no one has thought of yet.

9. Can virtual reality also be applied in everyday life?

Virtual reality can be applied in so many ways. Research, training, entertainment, marketing and much more. Thanks together with students the applications that virtual reality can have to make today's life easier.

10. How do you motivate students to take action?

Perhaps the most important reason on this list: introduce students to with virtual reality. By taking them along in technology from an early age, they will benefit a lot from it in the future. Perhaps a spectacular VR experience can have a huge impact on the career choice of a student or child, or he or she wants to delve further into technology and electronics.

Therefore, let children and students experiment a lot and make use of virtual reality! Curious about VR apps or gaming content that can be used for educational purposes? Check out our blog Educational VR applications & games for schools then once!

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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